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Best Nintendo Switch Games

To celebrate the Nintendo Switch's fifth birthday, we put together a list of the best Nintendo Switch games you can play today whether you're at home, on the go or with a friend!

Three Tips to HIDE Cables With a Wall Mounted TV

Looking to hide your cables with a wall mounted TV? We've got three tips to quickly get rid of those unsightly cables and create the beautiful, sleek setup that's photo ready!

If I HIDE My Cable Box Behind My TV, Will the Remote Control Work?

If I HIDE my cable box behind my TV will the Remote still work? Read our number one FAQ on why your IR remote WILL still work even with the cable box behind your TV!

Celebrate Winter Olympics 2022!

The Winter Olympics are finally here! After the year-long delay to the summer games, we couldn’t wait for the snow to fall and watch some of the greatest athletes represent Team USA!

Games to Play With Your Player 2

Not sure what to do this V-Day with your special someone? Make it a night in! We've got 10 of the best co-op games you can play alongside your Player Two!

Home Organization Tips to Create Your Best Setup

Update your setup, organize your room and fall in love with your space with these simple tips! Whether you need help creating an epic man cave or sleek tech space, we have tips for it all.

Xbox Series S + HIDEit Bundle Giveaway

HIDEit Mounts is giving away over $600 in Xbox goodies, including a new Xbox Series S console! Enter for a chance to win Microsoft's latest console plus a bunch of HIDEit mounts to upgrade your setup!

Upcoming 2022 Games to Get Excited About

The calendar has officially turned over into the year 2022! Let's take a look at some of the biggest games you'll get to (hopefully) play over the next 12 months on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch!

5 Health and Wellness Tips to Help You Game Longer

As we get older and our list of responsibilities gets longer, we can struggle to find a couple of hours to enjoy our favorite past times. It's important we're doing it in a healthy way that allows you to enjoy that time.