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How to Mount Your TV + Devices

Are you ready to create a clutter-free home entertainment space? Mounting your TV and devices is a great way to give your room a modern, sleek look, and also save space! These five pro tips will help you determine which TV + device mounts you’ll need, how high to mount your TV and the best placement for your devices!

HIDEit Man Cave 5: Finishing Touches For Your Man Cave

You've mounted your sports gear and hung your favorite're almost to the finish line! Now all you need are the finishing touches! What do we have in mind? From LED lights to stocking your bar and more, these five tips are sure to finish your man cave in style.

HIDEit Man Cave 4: Four Tips to Display Your Fave Gear

You’ve mounted your TV + favorite devices! Now for the fun part - displaying all your gear! But where do you start? How do you get it all on the wall? We’ve got the tips you need to create an amazing gallery wall (and more!) using all the gear you love as decor!

HIDEit Man Cave 3: How to Mount Your TV + Devices

You’ve planned your space, now its time to mount your TV + favorite devices! Our wall mounting tips will help you determine which TV + device mounts you’ll need, how high to mount your TV and the best placement for your devices! For ease, we’ve also laid out the steps to mount your TV and devices!

HIDEit Man Cave 2: 4 Space Planning Tips for Building Your Man Cave

You’ve prepped for your man cave, now it’s time to start space planning! Where do you put your furniture? If you want to know how far away to sit from your TV, how high to mount your TV and more, you’ve come to the right spot! We’ve got the space planning tips you need to get started.

HIDEit Man Cave 1: 3 Tips to Start Building Your Man Cave

We built a Man Cave! After more than a decade of inspiring Instagram-worthy gaming setups, we're showing you each step of our Man Cave Transformation — this is a weekend project and easy DIY. Build your Ultimate Man Cave in the garage, basement, attic or an extra bedroom.

How to Clean Your PS5

You've got your PS5, you decided to mount it and now it might be time to clean that dust out! Here are some simple tips to cleaning out your PlayStation 5 to get it running with no issues!

How to Use HIDEit in Your Apartment

Renting an apartment that won't let you drill holes? No problem! We have tips so you can create your favorite space using HIDEit Mounts, even when you can't drill!

Three Tips to HIDE Cables With a Wall Mounted TV

Looking to hide your cables with a wall mounted TV? We've got three tips to quickly get rid of those unsightly cables and create the beautiful, sleek setup that's photo ready!