This gamer dad has one of the most unique setups we've seen! When he commented a photo of his gaming setup on our social media, we knew we needed to know the story behind it. Barry's gaming room is filled with his PlayStation collection, from retro consoles to the most recent generations - and he even built it all by himself! 



Every gamer has a dream setup, and Barry chose to bring his dream setup to life. His gaming journey is a thrilling tale of epic adventures and artistic builds. From lugging his PS3 to the deserts of Iraq for World at War Zombies tournaments with his comrades, to channeling his artistic talents in building the ultimate gaming setup. 

He found HIDEit Mounts while he was looking for the perfect PS4 mounts that will help him display his consoles seamlessly. He decided to give it a shot, and with a little planning and HIDEit magic, he crafted a sleek gaming setup.

"I originally found the mounts by just researching mounts for the PlayStation 4 and it popped up and had good reviews so I figured I'd give them a shot!"

 Barry's PS4 Original + PS5 wall mounted

Barry's PS4 Original and the HIDEit PS4 Mount


Prior to building his current setup, Barry had built his first gaming setup where he had all the PlayStation models displayed on the wall in order, from PlayStation Original to PS5. But after his family moved to a different house, he had to start over again with a new setup.

Barry's first build

"I always wanted to do something cool with all my old consoles that was functional and aesthetically pleasing. After a lot of brainstorming, I took my artistic side and came up with what you see now."

Before and after of Barry's setup

We just love how Barry's setup looks like a futuristic PlayStation wonderland. The walls are perfectly positioned; the HIDEit PS4 and PS5 Mounts display his consoles seamlessly, giving it a "floating" look; and the PlayStation LED light in the center just beams with pure gaming excitement. He created a modern and stylish space - you can basically hear the gaming adventures call your name! 

"I did have ambitions to have an artist come in and make a cool mural of all my favorite games and stuff. But I think it's a pretty clean setup, and I put a lot of thought and brainstorming before I even piked up my tools!"


"My favorite part is that I just have my own space to kind of relax and unwind, and it's kind of like being in your own little world, and obviously the satisfaction of creating something that can appease my inner child."

Every gaming setup changes overtime. As for Barry, he wanted to bring his vision to life while starting anew after moving. He was able to create a sleek gaming setup after putting a lot of thought into planning, with a side of patience and HIDEit Mounts.

Barry's advice to anyone who wants to build their setup? Make it your own, and be original.

"I see a lot of setups that look exactly the same as 'their favorite streamers' part of the joys of gaming is individuality and making things your own, be original and build things the way you want them to be."

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