HIDEit Star Mount for the SpaceX Starlink Router

We believe in finding the perfect storage solutions for almost everything and anything. This includes finding the best storage solution for your SpaceX Starlink Router! Whether that be in your camping RV or trailer, our new HIDEit Star Mount is a game-changer for those on the go or living the rural life.


Simply because customers asked for it. That's what HIDEit's all about.

"Customers were inquiring and asking for it, so we listened. Part of being a successful business is creating solutions for what people are looking for," said HIDEit COO, Chuck Shirley.

Like many campers, we've had our fair share of struggles when it comes to router storage in RVs. So, we decided to get creative and come up with a versatile solution for the SpaceX Starlink Router that's designed to save you space and make life on the road a little bit tidier!


Behind every HIDEit product is extensive research, planning, design and testing. Before launching the Starlink Wall Mount, our product team created a variety of prototypes, which are all designed around the unique shape of the router.

The biggest challenge we faced when creating the mount were the cords.

"The thing that was really important for us was making sure there's enough space for the cords to go through. Since the cords are thick and big, and comes out of the back of the device, we had to make sure to find a way to accommodate that and offset it off the wall," said Chuck.

Another important feature incorporated into the mount's design is making it ultra functional for being used on the go. "In doing the research also, we saw that some people are putting this in semi-trucks, and in RVs. So we want to make sure that they would be able to mount it in so many different ways to accommodate being in a tight and moving space," added Chuck.


So what makes HIDEit's Starlink Mount different than other options on the market?

"You can mount it right-side-up or upside down because of the angle of the device. The cords also fit snug in the mount, which helps secure the router in there," shared Chuck.

HIDEit Star Mount for the SpaceX Starlink Router
HIDEit Star Mount for the SpaceX Starlink Router

The HIDEit Star Mount has a unique custom wrap design that only works with the Starlink router! It was designed around the router's shape, which in turn became a feature that helps keep the router perfectly secured on the mount. Our mount also does not block any ports, cables nor does it interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Just like all of our mounts, our Starlink Wall Mount is also made from powder-coated heavy-gauge steel for strength and durability. We even include an anti-vibration pad for a snug fit that eliminates rattling while on the go.

The color of this mount is not our usual black finish, instead we opted for gray. This is to create seamless blend between the device and the mount, making it look like it's one piece, and most especially, for that floating look.

HIDEit Starlink Wall Mount for the SpaceX Starlink Router
HIDEit Star Mount for the SpaceX Starlink Router

"The biggest part about camping, and even RV camping is the setup and take down. That alone is very timely— the HIDEit Star Mount keeps it convenient for campers, where they don't have to take down the router, and they can simply leave it there wherever they choose to mount it. Technically speaking, you can even mount your SpaceX Starlink router in a crawl space, and it would still be functional," said Chuck.

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