FEATURED HIDEit Rep: Kermit (QuickTechAV)

FEATURED HIDEit Rep: Kermit (QuickTechAV)

WHO IS quicktechav?

Kermit— mostly known as @quicktechav on social media— has been working as a low voltage technician in the audio and visual (AV) industry for 11 years. His journey started at the age of 17, and has been elevating spaces for his clients ever since. Now, he owns an AV business in Texas— QuickTechAV

As one of our favorite installers, his work has always amazed us. So we decided to tell the story of his amazing work and his installer journey alongside HIDEit.


After finding us on social media, and buying our mounts in 2020, he became a part of the HIDEit Fam as an installer and a rep. He also started offering HIDEit mounts to all of his customers and clients, using HIDEit Mounts for his installations here and there.

"I found out about HIDEit Mounts when I started seeing your gaming setups on Instagram. I loved everything about it so after finally buying a mount for myself, I decided to offer them to all of my customers!" said Kermit. 


He achieves the best work through communicating with his clients to understand their vision and to know what they want. Then through using top quality products he trusts and love, he can bring their vision to life. 

"I love doing installs for others because of the expressions of gratitude the customers give of how neat, and clean everything is once the project is complete! It's my gift to help others and take pride in our work!" said Kermit. 


Creating an organized and clean space is one of the top things installers do for their clients, and HIDEit Mounts helps installers like Kermit achieve that. Just as they bring high quality installs, we bring high quality steel mounts that installers can trust for security and longevity. 

"All HIDEit Mounts Products help me in the field because they are so much easier to install, and are all around a solid product! They look great and our customers love how easy it is to take their consoles and devices in and out of the mounts. I would recommend them to any customer, friend or installer!" 


"I love HIDEit Mounts because y'all carry good quality products that can be purchased online or on Amazon, and can get you really fast— usually within a day or two!" added Kermit. 


The HIDEit PS5! Why? 

HIDEit Mounts PS5 Mount for gaming, HIDEit, MOUNTit or DISPLAYit for gamers and installers
HIDEit PS5 Mount
One of Kermit's gaming installs where he chose to HIDEit with the HIDEit PS5 Mount PlayStation 5 Mount
One of Kermit's gaming installs where he chose to HIDEit with the HIDEit PS5 Mount

"It's so easy to use compared to any PS5 mount brands out there! Also because my picture is on the box." 

You heard it from a Pro-AV installer himself! And yes we loved his install picture so much we just had to put it in our PS5 packaging! 


Four years ago, he turned his AV career into a business as a result of all his hard work and passion for his job.

"We've have the business LLC for four years now! It has always been fun— both my job and business— because I love all things tech! But my job pathed the way to having my AV business now, so I will forever be grateful for that!" 

QuickTechAV LLC in Texas, AV Installer Kermit Moore using HIDEit Mounts for his installs.Photo of Kermit 


"My biggest tip is to talk to your customer about what they want and their vision before you start your work, so you can make sure they're happy with the job! Make sure you mark up where the TV and consoles will be, and doing that will ensure a happy customer! Treat every home or business like it's your own, and the word of mouth will go for miles!"

Wise words Kermit! Keep up the great work. We can't wait to see more amazing installs from you. 

If you're looking for an Pro-AV Installer in Bryan and College Station, Texas, they've got your back. Click here for more information about Kermit and QuickTechAV.