FEATURED HIDEit Rep: Joel (jtightbabytooth)

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WHO IS Joel?

Ever since meeting him at E3 2017, Joel has been the ultimate HIDEit fan and Rep. Throughout the years, he's shown awesome love and support through building a sleek gaming setup using our HIDEit Mounts, alongside actively posting about us on his social media— jtightbabytooth.

"I was already a fan of HIDEit Mounts. But at E3 2017, I decided to join the community and take my gaming to space to the next level," said Joel.

Joel's gaming space.

Joel started gaming when his parents got his first ever system, the Atari 3600. Ever since then he's had a passion for the gaming industry and shares his love for it on his social media.


Joel started with wall mounting his PlayStation 4 on our HIDEit 4P Mount, and overtime he eventually added more things including the HIDEit Universal Controllers and Headsets Mounts.

Joel's old gaming setup.

"I wanted to stand out. I wanted to be different. I wanted people to be amazed when they came and see my setup. It's like an illusion because my PS5 is on one wall, and the TV on the other," said Joel.


One of the things Joel talked about HIDEit, was the community and how it feels like a family to him. He said it's a community that inspires him as a creative, and keeps him wanting to continue to pursue content creation alongside gaming.

"You can just say that this company is more like a family. I'm being bold in trying new things, and really getting into a space that nobody thought of. It has been a blessing for me to partner with this company. My dream is to work for them, but until then, I'm doing what I can. Just look what they've done for the people, for the gaming community."


Gaming console mounts. PlayStation 4 Pro Mount to be exact.

Joel's new gaming setup, featuring HIDEit Gaming Mounts.

"You guys make so many mounts! But I got to say my favorite one are the one for gaming consoles-- just because I'm a console gamer. And if I got to slim it down anymore... it has to be what got me started, the PlayStation 4 Pro Mount," said Joel.


When it comes to installing hide HIDEit Mounts, Joel makes sure it's a fun bonding experience with his family.

"Installing my HIDEit Mounts is a really fun experience. Me and my brother goof around. We come up with ideas, it's a real bonding experience. I love to see the outcome of what we put together. I take pride because it stands out, it's different from everybody else's. I always strive to be different and never the same when I add a piece to my wall. I always think what value can it bring? And HIDEit mounts definitely brings the value."


Joel never misses a chance to elevate his setup. As more PlayStation consoles launch, surely he's bound to get his hands on them, including handheld ones like the newest PlayStation Portal!

"I recently just purchased the Steam Deck Mount, because I realized that it can hold the PlayStation Portal! And to me it just looks so cool," said Joel.

Our mounts definitely look cool, and they keep all of his consoles safe + organized! Thanks for all the love and support, Joel!

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