FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Tim (super_lego_dad)

FEATURED HIDEit CUSTOMER: Tim (super_lego_dad)


Short answer, Tim-- also known as @super_lego_dad-- is the coolest Math teacher in Ohio. He's a teacher who loves gaming and Lego, and he has one of the best classrooms which he's elevated using some HIDEit Mounts.

"Originally I was a Math teacher and taught all Math classes. A few years ago, I was asked to run a class for 6th grade that would be hands on and fun. We bought a few coding kits, and that's where it all started," said Tim.

Tim's LEGO classroom setup.


Tim first discovered HIDEit Mounts while he was scrolling on Instagram. After chatting with him and learning more about his classroom plans, we decided to send over some mounts to help him achieve his goals for the classroom and the kids.

"I messaged HIDEit Mounts and asked if they would be willing to send a few to my classroom. They were so kind to really hook up the classroom and help me out," said Tim. "I always wanted my classroom to be a fun and exciting place for my students to come and get rid of some of their wiggles and use their creativity."

Tim's classroom, with the gaming setup on the top left corner.


So what does he love about HIDEit Mounts? Simple, it helps him keep the gaming consoles and gear organized in his classroom, especially around the kids.

"I love that it keeps everything organized. I absolutely hate cords and a big mess. I also love that it keeps them safe from falling over— I actually had a student knock the Xbox over before I got to hanging it up— All is well now and it was just an accident anyways— but it's nice to know they are safe."

Maintaining a tidy and well-arranged classroom ensures a sharp and inviting atmosphere, aligning with Tim's goal of creating a playful Lego-themed learning space. Our HIDEit Gaming Mounts does just that. 

The sleek design of our gaming mounts not only enhance the visual appeal of wall-mounted consoles, but also ensures that it's safe and organized.

 ✅ Powder-coat finish shields the consoles from scratches.
 ✅ Made from heavy-gauge steel for ultimate strength + durability.
 ✅ Doesn't block ports or vents for proper ventilation.
 ✅ Full wrap design keeps the consoles wall mounted + secure.


The HIDEit Universal Controller Mounts (Uni-C) and the HIDEit X1S Mount

"I just love the way the system slides into the mount. HIDEit has a video with tons of views, and I love the sounds they make when the system snaps in place!"


It was close to Thanksgiving when we connected with Tim. So he took advantage of Thanksgiving break to install the mounts in his classroom.

When the kids came back from vacation, Tim had the Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch and gaming controllers (HIDEit Uni-C) installed and mounted with HIDEit Mounts. Only thing left to do is for the kids to play! 

"They absolutely love the lights, and the fact that the systems are mounted to the wall. They say, and I quote 'That's so clean!'" Tim shared. "My classroom setup has evolved over time and will continue to evolved. The kids are always coming in my classroom looking for something new or exciting, and that's what they love about it."

The kids don't just love what Tim did to his classroom, but it also made the students feel more welcomed. Which is one of the things Tim value most with being a teacher. He added, "You never know what they have going on at home, or in their personal lives. So I'm glad to have a spot they can come hangout, and have a good time." 

Now that's what makes the best teacher. Keep up the good work, Tim! We can't wait to see what else you have in store for us and for your students! 

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