Intellectual Property Information

Here at HIDEit Mounts, we are passionate about creating vertical wall mounting solutions. As the leader in the industry, we own intellectual property related key aspects of vertical mounting solutions. We, like all innovators have the desire to protect our creations.

We are making information regarding our intellectual property readily available here in the hopes this will minimize intellectual property conflicts.


 BSXT - VA 2-292-094
 Deck - VA 2-295-592
 DSkate - VA 2-254-045
 Dualsense - VA 2-253-574
 EPro 6 - VA 2-292-091
 MBoard - VA 2-301-551
 Oculus - VA 2-301-542
 PS5 - VA 2-255-638
 PS5 Easy Install Tips - VA 2-259-959
 PS5 Instruction Card - VA 2-271-422
 PS5 Photo - VA 2-259-957
 Uni-C - VA 2-260-903
 VBat - VA 2-253-892
 Wally - VA 2-300-916


 Adjustable Mount Utility - US 9,360,156 B2
 Apple TV Mount - US D863,040 S
 Barco CSE Mount - US D906,095 S
 Barco CSE Button Mount - US D925,338 S
 Connect:Amp Mount - US D865,487 S
 Horizontal Bat Mount - US D968,932 S
 Mac Mini Mount - US D767,973 S
 Original PS4 Mount - US D764,256 S
 PS4 Pro + Slim Mount - US D820,665 S
 PS5 Mount - US D947,650 S
 Series S Mount - US D946,570 S
 Sonos Amp Mount - US D924,665 S
 Uni-XS Mount - US D813,020 S
 Med + Large Universal Mount - US D739,208 S
 Xbox One S Mount - US D849,507 S


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