As the industry leader and innovator, we own intellectual property that protects various aspects of our mounts, brand, and content. Like all experienced inventors and creators, we protect our original works. We hope that this information will minimize future IP conflicts.


It shouldn't be that way, but that is our reality. It's what happens when you come up with a great idea, create simple designs that are not unneccessarily complicated, and get attention with marketing that makes the brand look big.


We've been dealing with this nonsense since the beginning. In an Inc Magazine article, Chuck and Rey told the story of the first HIDEit knockoff (aka first manufacturer). Is this the price for being innovative? Nope. We sue and win.



 BSXT - VA 2-292-094
 Deck - VA 2-295-592
 DSkate - VA 2-254-045
 Dualsense - VA 2-253-574
 EPro 6 - VA 2-292-091
 MBoard - VA 2-301-551
 Oculus - VA 2-301-542
 PS5 - VA 2-255-638
 PS5 Easy Install Tips - VA 2-259-959
 PS5 Instruction Card - VA 2-271-422
 PS5 Photo - VA 2-259-957
 Uni-C - VA 2-260-903
 VBat - VA 2-253-892
 Wally - VA 2-300-916


 Adjustable Mount Utility - US 9,360,156 B2
 Apple TV Mount - US D863,040 S
 Barco CSE Mount - US D906,095 S
 Barco CSE Button Mount - US D925,338 S
 Connect:Amp Mount - US D865,487 S
 Horizontal Bat Mount - US D968,932 S
 Mac Mini Mount - US D767,973 S
 Original PS4 Mount - US D764,256 S
 PS4 Pro + Slim Mount - US D820,665 S
 PS5 Mount - US D947,650 S
 Series S Mount - US D946,570 S
 Sonos Amp Mount - US D924,665 S
 Uni-XS Mount - US D813,020 S
 Med + Large Universal Mount - US D739,208 S
 Xbox One S Mount - US D849,507 S


HIDEIT MOUNTS  No. 4,295,369 

Hideit Mounts Logo      No. 4,312,206


Watch TV. Clutter Free.   Serial Number: 86854801


We believe in healthy competition. But if you need to lie, cheat or steal...

Neil, an American Fake

He purchased our mount as soon as it launched, so he was the first to knock off of our PS5 mount. A complete counterfeit, he listed it on Amazon by duplicating our listing - our trademarked brand name was everywhere. He used our images but Photoshopped out Kelly's wedding ring out. He used a photocopy of our instructions in the package. He came in at half of our price, the typical strategy to steal market share. People thought his listing was HIDEit but from a reseller offering a great deal.

There was a FATAL FLAW with his product! He decreased the size of the top "hook" by just 1 mm. That 1 mm was enough to cause the PS5 panels to pop off! When we say we spend a lot of time and effort on R&D, we mean it. Down to the millimeter! We sued Neil and won. The guy is dirty so it felt really good to take his money, which all went to attorney's fees.

Sim, Mr. Management Consultant

He took the "find a niche and exploit it" strategy to get out of the corporate world, after his music and religious careers didn't pan out. He hired an engineering firm to buy our mounts... Yes, we are like Private Investigators around here. The engineering firm helped him duplicate most of our products, changing designs just enough to get around our patents. The firm used to list the company on their site but don't anymore... maybe they realized that they just helped create a knockoff shop? Who wants to be associated with that?! We weren't the first company they ripped off and duplicated and we're certainly not the last.

Eric, The Kickstarted Engineer

We have mad respect for him - he doesn't copy our product designs and doesn't even use steel. Everything was mostly friendly competition until he went into gaming then made some curious updates to his marketing... Instead of being honest that he started the company in grad school on Kickstarter with his IP attorney brother and IP attorney friend (explains their high number of patents), the story changed to being a couple, like Chuck and Rey. Product images and copy became suddenly similar to ours. They're big in the Amazon game where they are getting their own share of knockoffs. Pretty sure Eric sold to "the man" so it's not his problem anymore.

Jason, The Chinese Manufacturer

With his fake American name, he tried to offer us manufacturing services meanwhile he knocked off our products from mount design to every aspect of the packaging design - including customer images and reviews. What didn't he infringe on? We easily had him removed from Amazon and he either paid to ship the inventory back to China or paid Amazon to dispose it. He tried to sell it to us... no thanks, bro. And he still tried to offer us his manufacturing services after all of this.

Steph and Dan, Influencer Seconds

She has been copying our marketing playbook for years starting with our social media posts and stealing our influencers. She plagiarized a ton of our website but after talking with some attorneys in her country, it changed. Her mounts are inferior so we kinda just let her do her thing.

Dan also went after our influencers. His products are also inferior - they're just 3D prints so it wasn't that big of a deal at first. Then he decided to knock off our PS5 mount and even made it in steel. He learned that metal manufacturing is expensive - a lot more expensive than making cheap 3D printed products.

D and Q, Amazon UK Fakes

There's several in the UK that took advantage of our lack of IP protection there plus challenges with shipping into Europe post-Brexit. D started by selling vape products on Amazon then decided to copy our products. He's built a million pound plus store on Amazon thanks to our social media efforts in the UK.

Q is the guy that tried to get us to shut down the Vape Kid - Chuck even talked to him on a few web meetings. Then he to copied our products. We've helped a lot of other businesses grow, that's for sure. They should help pay for our advertising costs, at minimum!