FEATURED HIDEit Rep: Joulez (tech.joulez)

FEATURED HIDEit Rep: Joulez (tech.joulez)

WHO IS tech.joulez?

Joulez— who most people might know as tech.joulez on social media— has been a HIDEit Rep since 2022. His fun content and creativity never fail to amaze us. As a gamer and content creator, Joulez's gaming setup has evolved alongside his content. So why not share a little bit of his story to help inspire other gamers and content creators. 

"I can show people what they can end up with if they just take the time to organize it. It's sick!"


Joulez found out about HIDEit Mounts from one of his friends' Instagram page, and decided to give it a try. His first HIDEit Mounts were the HIDEit Universal Controller Mount (Uni-C) and the HIDEit Universal Headset Mount (Uni-H).

HIDEit Uni-C, Uni-H (headset), PS5, PSVR2, Switch, DSkate, Uni-H (helmet)

Next up were some more PlayStation-related mounts, including the PSVR2. Just like any gamers, Joulez wants to ensure all his consoles are snug and secure when mounting them. Opting for HIDEit's heavy-duty steel mounts was a no-brainer for showcasing his beloved gaming gear in style while keeping them safe and secure.

Then he added some sports mounts like the HIDEit Vertical Skateboard Mount (VSkate), Universal Helmet Mount (Uni-H), Vertical Display Skateboard Mount (DSkate), and Horizontal Snowboard Mount (HBoard). The slim design of our HIDEit Sports Mounts made it easy for Joulez to display his snowboard, skateboard and helmet in small spaces-- giving him the freedom to design his own unique space effortlessly. 

HIDEit HBoard

When asked about why he chose to HIDEit, Joulez said, "The minimal design. It helps organize your stuff and you feel good about it. It declutters my space and see things nicely. The PlayStation Mounts helps me portray the best version of my PS collection virtually."


HIDEit PlayStation Mounts! 

"All mounts that relate to PlayStation because that's my childhood hanging up in all its glory," said Joulez.

Yep, that is one of the many things HIDEit Mounts do! So many people use our mounts for nostalgic reasons, just like Joulez.

HIDEit Mounts helps you safely display your favorite things, and add a touch of flair to your space! Whether it's our bat mounts highlighting signed bats-- or showcasing your gaming gear, turn your passions into eye-catching home decor. Why hide the fun when you can flaunt it?


As a gamer, Joulez loves how gaming helps him connect with friends and go on different adventures after a long day. And as a content creator, the HIDEit Community allows him to see how creative everyone can get when it comes to installing their mounts. 

"The organization makes me feel good after a long day of work, homework, shooting a reel. It's clean and easy to game! I love it!"

Nintendo Switch mounted on HIDEit Switch Mount, alongside gaming controllers mounted on our HIDEit Uni-C (universal controller mount), and a Razer Keyboard wall mounted on our HIDEit Key Mount.Joulez's wall display with HIDEit Switch, Uni-C, Key Mounts


We have seen Joulez consistently grow as a gamer and content creator, and we are so happy to have been a part of that journey. So what's next for him? 

"I developed the first projector setup for gaming, and still pioneering it! And I think an OLED monitor maybe ultrawide," said Joulez.

His tips for fellow gamers + content creators? 

"Put in the work and you will see the results. Gaming and organization was meant to be! Be yourself, mount with personality! Stay Frosty!" 

Nicely said, Joulez. We can't wait to see more of your amazing content, and what's in store for you in the future.

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