HIDEit Man Cave 5: Finishing Touches For Your Man Cave

HIDEit Man Cave 5: Finishing Touches For Your Man Cave

We built a Man Cave! After more than a decade of inspiring Instagram-worthy gaming setups, we're showing you each step of our Man Cave Transformation so you can do it, too!

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Step 5: Finishing Touches - Almost to the finish line... don't stop now! Finish it right.

See these tips in action!

Tip 1: Stock Your Bar

If you have a bar in your Man Cave, gathering all of your bar supplies is a must! Not only will you have what you need when friends make a surprise visit, it is also a great way to personalize the space. Try to select items that help reinforce your Man Cave theme then show them off!

Since the HIDEit Man Cave has a Sports theme, we absolutely had to have Dugout Mugs! They're mugs are made from bats and they have our favorite MLB teams! The mug styles made from the bat handle work perfectly with our vertical bat mounts! We installed our 8Bat Mount to store and display our Knob Shot™ shot glasses, Wined Up™ wine mugs, and Season Opener™ bottle openers.

Don't forget the drinks! We created a custom DIY pallet liquor dispenser for easy pouring. We have bottles of our favorite spirits and a few from local distilleries - Frey Ranch Bourbon and Tahoe Blue Vodka.

Under our bar, we have plenty of bar essentials:

  1. Juice + Sweet & Sour: OJ, cran, tomato (or V8 / Clamato), lemon and lime are key
  2. Carbonated Mixers: tonic, sodas and flavored sparkling water make for a quick drink
  3. Grenadine: when need a Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers or Tequila Sunrise
  4. Bitters + Vermouth: for all of your Martini and Manhattan fans
  5. Simple Syrup: it's easy to make - it's just sugar and water
  6. Garnishes: lemons, limes, olives and if you like a proper Old Fashioned, you need Luxardo cherries!
  7. Bar Tools: shaker + strainer, jigger, corkscrew and bottle opener

We added a fridge to keep our local craft brews cold from Revision, Great Basin and Lead Dog plus the freezer keeps our Jagermeister, Patron, Fireball and Screwball always ready to shoot. Our bar is stocked and ready for visitors!

Tip 2: Light It Up!

No man cave is complete without lights! Neon bar lights just might be the most signature item in a home bar setup - even Man Crates sells one! There's several small, reputable companies we have seen that will make custom neon signs for you: Illusion Neon Shop, Neon Beach, Neon Direct Co and Sketch & Etch are some of our favorites. We can't wait to get a custom HIDEit Man Cave neon sign!

We added our LED light strips behind the TVs for accent lighting and a pop of color. Most LEDs are easy to install since they're self-adhesive strips. Most strips come in different lengths, so be sure to measure before you purchase. Some strips, like ours, can be cut to fit. Did you know that adding light behind the TV, also known as bias lighting, actually has health benefits?!

Since we don't have a neon sign yet, we found an inexpensive B-A-R LED sign to help us get lit!

Tip 3: Collage Wall or Gallery Wall

You should have already gathered you favorite pictures, posters, gear and memorabilia and picked one or two things as focal points. Using your remaining items, it's time to build a collage wall! Expect to move things around a few times.

Try our Wrapping Paper Hack: cut up old paper to the size of the items you want to display. Using Painters Tape, move the items around until you love the layout. No extra holes!

Gallery Wall Tips (that we used) from designer Emily Henderson:

  1. Create a Cohesive Color Palette: we went with Nevada Blue
  2. Start with Something Large: this is the focal point we've been talking about!
  3. Keep Your 2nd Largest Piece Separate: here's focal point #2
  4. Mix Horizontals & Verticals: the TVs are horizontal, the bats are vertical... ✅
  5. Add Something Personal: most of our team added something from bats to boards to the gorgeous Tahoe photo taken by our very own Neil Lockhart.

Emily also suggests keeping all of your pieces about 3 inches apart to avoid crowding.

Tip 4: A Rug is Floor Decor

Don't underestimate the importance of a good rug! Like The Spruce points out, rugs add comfort and warmth to your space. Our seating area (and entire Man Cave) is in our warehouse. That means concrete floors. Adding a rug helped make the space feel comfy cozy for gaming or a movie.

Other benefits include:

  • Sound dampening
  • Soft on bare feet
  • Warms the area

Area rugs are also a great way to compliment the decor in the room. They can help pull through color or design. We chose a dark blue rug that coordinates with our University of Nevada baseball jersey. Consider darker colors if you're worried about traffic marks or spills. Alternatively, washable rugs are becoming more and more popular. Ruggable even offers several Star Wars rugs!

Pro Tip from House Beautiful: Place the rug partially under the couch so the front legs sit on it. The rug should extend out beyond the sides of the sofa.

Tip 5: Add Some Green + More

We added a plant near our Tahoe corner. Should a man cave have a plant? Yes! House plants offer a variety of health benefits including

  • Improved Air Quality (Alive)
  • Sound Dampening
  • Reduce Stress

Dead or alive? That depends on you... do you have a green thumb and are there any windows in your Man Cave? If you answered 'no', then go with Dead (a fake plant). They're everywhere, even at Home Depot.

What else do you have to fill in empty spaces? No need to clutter your cave, but if you have shelves, you'll want to decorate them. There’s no one way to do it, so you can have fun and create a display you love! We filled an empty glass vase with baseballs and added some empty Jagermeister bottles to fill in our shelves. Shelf decorating is a great way to add that finishing touch.

We did it - we created a Man Cave that our whole team can enjoy! Now it's your turn! Be sure to share your Man Cave journey with us!