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HIDEit's RV Space Saving Hacks + Tips

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HIDEit's RV Space Saving Hacks + Tips

Who doesn’t like to get away from it all in their RV to enjoy Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors? Getting the RV packed and ready to go, however, can be challenging with limited space. We’ve got a few RV space saving hacks to help you organize, keep devices safe and eliminate clutter!


One of the best upgrades you can make to your RV is to install a fully articulating TV wall mount. If you have a newer RV, chances are that it’s already pre-blocked for a TV to be wall mounted. Fully articulating mounts give a better range of motion for improved viewing, and they have another storage benefit: you can HIDE a cable box, game console, digital media player, or other device behind or near the TV!

HIDEit Mounts Universal Wall Mounts are adjustable to fit a number of devices and can easily be mounted behind a wall-mounted TV.


  • Choose a TV mount with a small wall footprint for better location flexibility.
  • Depending on the weight of your TV you may need to mount into a stud.
  • Use a small piece of wood to add stability to the TV’s mounting location.
  • Cord wraps are a quick solution to keep pesky cords wrapped up and easy to HIDE.

BONUS! HIDEit Universal Wall Mounts can also be under-shelf mounted for extra storage options.


Gaming devices are great for rainy days or late night entertainment. But, game consoles take up a lot of space when not in use and can be damaged if not stored or secured properly. Solution? Wall mount them to free up valuable shelf or cabinet space space! Vertically mounting them behind or next to a wall-mounted TV gives the consoles a home and eliminates the potential for accidental damage.


  • Standard #8 drywall screws may be too large for the walls in an RV, so play it smart and figure out what the best screw length is for your RV's walls.
  • The HIDEit Uni-M Mount + Theft Deterrent add-on is perfect for wall mounting your PS4. The theft deterrent keeps the mount from sliding in any direction so it's perfect for the road!

BONUS! The PlayStation also serves as a very affordable option for a complete multimedia center to use all of your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix & Hulu; while also working as a Blu-ray player. PS4 is one of the few Blu-ray players that can actually play in the vertical orientation, which is great for saving space!


Another solution to keep your RV countertops and tables clutter-free is (you guessed it!) by mounting your tablet. The HIDEit Universal Tablet Mount adjusts to fit iPad, Surface and Galaxy tablets, Kindle Fires and more! The mount fits most tablet cases giving you the freedom to install it almost anywhere in the RV. You can easily play music or read recipes from the kitchen without worrying about spills. Or you can mount your Kindle next to the bed for easy storage and charging access.

Store your tablet in your RV using HIDEit Mounts Uni-T for tablets.HIDEit Uni-T Mount for Tablets

BONUS! HIDEit Mounts also work in yachts! Save space and stay clutter free by land or by sea!

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