HIDEit Man Cave 4: Four Tips to Display Your Fave Gear

HIDEit Man Cave 4: Four Tips to Display Your Fave Gear

We built a Man Cave! After more than a decade of inspiring Instagram-worthy gaming setups, we're showing you each step of our Man Cave Transformation so you can do it, too!

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    Step 4: Display Your Gear - You love your sports gear so why not use it as decor?!

    See these tips in action!

    Tip 1: Take Inventory

    You’ll want to take inventory of your favorite items like pictures, posters, sports gear, signed memorabilia and anything else you might want to hang on the walls. Knowing how many items you have will help determine the amount of wall space you'll need - or if you need to cut back a bit. When gathering your gear, don’t be afraid to re-use. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s not good, plus it will help you save some costs!

    Since our Man Cave has a sports theme, we gathered baseball bats, skateboards, a snowboard and a favorite University of Nevada baseball jersey.

    Tip 2: Choose a Focal Point

    You’ve gathered everything you want to display in your Man Cave, now it's time to decide which items will work to create at least one main focal point. What do you want your friends and family to see when they walk in?

    Whether you create a shrine to your favorite team or create the ultimate gaming display, choosing a focal point is key to build off as you continue to decorate your Man Cave.

    We chose our University of Nevada Reno baseball jersey to create an eye-popping gallery wall. This will be our primary focal point and shows our Northern Nevada pride.

    Right in our backyard is Lake Tahoe - THE place to be if you love outdoor sports. We chose a beautiful Lake Tahoe canvas from our amazing photographer, Neil Lockhart, as the main focal point in our seating area.

    Tip 3: Create a Map

    Now that you’ve taken inventory of your gear and chose the item(s) for your focal point(s), it's time to map your space! If you've been following our Man Cave Transformation, you know that mapping your space is an important step when decorating.

    Mapping your walls gives you an idea of how many items you can put up. But how do you go about it?

    Pro Tip: Cut out wrapping paper in roughly the same shape and size of your items and tape it to the wall. The paper makes a great placeholder for everything you want to hang. Plus, you can gauge exactly what you can or can’t put up. This simple trick helps avoid having extra holes in your wall!

    We used leftover holiday wrapping paper and got to work, labeling each item as we went. This allowed us to cut back on decor in certain areas or add in others. After moving things around a few times, we created a perfectly balanced collage wall.

    Tip 4: MOUNTit

    Now it’s time to start hanging your fave gear! Since you did a fantastic job planning your space with wrapping paper, installing your decor and mounts is a breeze!

    As with any install project, make sure you have some tools handy.

    • Pencil
    • Level
    • Tape Measure
    • Drill
    • Hammer
    • Screws/Nails

      Start with your focal point piece first. This ensures the most important item in your Man Cave is on display perfectly!

      We purchased a jersey frame from Hobby Lobby to DIY our University of Nevada baseball jersey. The hardest part was getting it perfectly folded.

      We used our Vertical Bat Mount to add bats on each side of our UNR baseball jersey to create a symmetrical display.

      For our Tahoe corner, we mounted a snowboard above the canvas using our HBoard clips. They also work with boards with bindings, making them the perfect storage solution in the offseason.

      Sports gear mounts work as functional storage that looks great! Mounts we used:

        We added some rustic touches to this Sports Man Cave with a few easy DIYs. Plus it was another excuse to play with a blow torch and fire. (If you know our story, then you know)

        Rustic DIY Decor for this Man Cave:

        • Floating Shelves
        • Pallet Liquor Dispense
        • Man Cave sign

        Our favorite gear is mounted and our Sports Bar Man Cave theme is dialed in! When we started making mounts for sports gear, we wanted functional storage that looks good. Mission accomplished.

        Next up, we have the finishing touches to make this a Man Cave you’ll love.

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