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If I HIDE My Cable Box Behind My TV, Will the Remote Control Work?

If I HIDE my cable box behind my TV will the Remote still work? Read our number one FAQ on why your IR remote WILL still work even with the cable box behind your TV!

Home Organization Tips to Create Your Best Setup

Update your setup, organize your room and fall in love with your space with these simple tips! Whether you need help creating an epic man cave or sleek tech space, we have tips for it all.

5 Health and Wellness Tips to Help You Game Longer

As we get older and our list of responsibilities gets longer, we can struggle to find a couple of hours to enjoy our favorite past times. It's important we're doing it in a healthy way that allows you to enjoy that time.

Which PlayStation Mount Do You Need?

Who doesn’t love PlayStation? We’ve made wall mounts for PlayStation since the PS3, and the PS5 is one of our most popular mounts. This guide will help make sure you find the right PlayStation console mount before you purchase!

Which Xbox Mount Do You Need?

When it comes to choosing the right custom Xbox HIDEit Mount, understanding which model you have can be a challenge. We've created a guide to help you which Xbox mount you’ll need to create your ultimate gaming setup!

Easy Home Office Organization Tips

Stay ultra productive and ready to tackle your day with these easy work-from-home organizational tips that will help you declutter your home office setup!

HIDEit's RV Space Saving Hacks + Tips

Get ready to hit the road this summer with our best RV space saving hacks and tips! HIDEit makes it easy to organize, keep devices safe and eliminate clutter so you can enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Top Picks for Dad

With Father's Day right around the corner, let HIDEit help you with some awesome gift ideas. Whether he has everything or needs that special something, we have something to celebrate all dads.

4 Steps to Easily Clean Your Garage

It doesn't take long for the garage to become a messy storage area. Don't avoid it! Instead, tackle the garage as your next big project. Let HIDEit help you easily ORGANIZEit in no time.