Which PlayStation Mount Do You Need?

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Who doesn’t love PlayStation? The brand is iconic with over 25 years in the business! We’ve made wall mounts for PlayStation since the PS3, and our PS5 Mount is one of our most popular mounts.

Are you ready to create your ultimate PlayStation gaming setup? This guide will help make sure you find the right PlayStation console mount before you purchase!

PlayStation 5

Sony’s latest console is pretty distinct. Let’s look at what defines the PS5 (2020) between the PS5 Slim (2023) and which mount you need!

PS5 has four versions: the original 2020 and the 2023 Slim, each with digital and disc options. Disc versions are bulkier due to the drive, while Digital Editions are lighter and thinner.

The PS5 stands out with its massive size, over 15 inches tall, and distinctive two-tone color scheme. On the other hand the PS5 Slim is slightly shorter and features a horizontal black line. All models are typically displayed vertically, and our HIDEit PS5 Mounts ensure they can be safely mounted this way.

  • PS5 Original (2020): HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount
    • This mount is compatible for both the digital and disc editions. For the digital, we suggest placing the PS5 base stand behind for added support when mounting vertically. While this mount is for vertical use only, you can utilize the HIDEit Uni-LXW Universal Mount for horizontal placement under a desk. 
  • PS5 Slim (2023): HIDEit PS5 Slim Mount
    • This mount uses the same PS5 Mount patented design but "slimmed" to fit both the disc and digital editions of the PS5 Slim. When mounting the digital edition, note that there will be a gap between the mount and the console, but this won't affected the safety of the console on the mount.

    • PS5 Original and PS5 Slim: HIDEit PS5 Shelf
      • Whether you're looking to HIDE your PS5 behind the TV, or display it in a low traffic area, this is your mount. We took our patented base design and gave it a sturdy steel backplate to properly support the weight of the console. No flimsy plastic here. This mount is compatible with both editions of the PS5 Original and PS5 Slim.

    Which Mount Do You Need:

    PlayStation 4

    Sony released three different models of the PS4 since the original launched in 2013. Let’s start with the original model.

    • PS4 Original: HIDEit 4
      • The HIDEit 4 Wall Mount is specifically designed for the Original PlayStation 4. It lets you hide your PS4 for a sleek look or display limited edition consoles, all while ensuring proper ventilation. Its design secures the PS4 via the center channel.

    • PS4 Slim: HIDEit 4S
      • The HIDEit PlayStation 4 Slim Mount is designed for the PlayStation 4 Slim! Its innovative design secures the console using the center channel and Sony’s Secure Mounting Mechanism. You can wall, VESA, or under-desk mount your PS4 Slim, even behind your TV, without blocking vents or adding bulk.

    • PS4 Pro: HIDEit 4P
      • This mount is perfect for your PlayStation 4 Pro. Its design secures the console using the center channel and Sony’s Secure Mounting Mechanism. You can wall, VESA, or under-desk mount your PS4 Pro without blocking vents or adding bulk. Available in white for glacier white consoles, the HIDEit 4P lets you hide or display your PS4 Pro effortlessly.

      Which Mount Do You Need:

      PlayStation 3

      Released in 2006, the PS3 didn’t get off to the greatest of starts. From a small library of consoles to a high price point and massive size, many thought Sony had lost it after the success of the PS2 and PS1. But they bounced back during the generation, and we have a mount for each of the three models they released.

      • PS3 Original: HIDEit Uni-MXW
        • The HIDEit Uni-MXW PS3 Wall Mount is perfect for keeping your Original PlayStation 3 secure! Made from 16-gauge steel and powder-coated to match the PS3, it prevents scratches and ensures strength.

      • PS3 Slim and Super Slim: HIDEit Uni-M
        • Ensure the safety of your PS3 Slim or Super Slim with our adaptable Uni-M Mount. Compatible with both models, it can be upgraded with a locking feature for added security. Whether you prefer wall mounting or placing it under a shelf or cabinet, this mount offers versatile solutions!

      Both the PS3 and PS3 Super Slim need the Uni-M Adjustable Wall Mount.

      Which Mount Do You Need:

      There you have it! We hope this guide will help you understand your PlayStation model. Go forth and create the ultimate PlayStation setup!

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