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If I HIDE My Cable Box Behind My TV, Will the Remote Control Work?

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If I HIDE My Cable Box, Will the Remote Control Work?  This is our number one most frequently asked question, when people are looking to wall mount their cable box behind their TV. 

The first point that has to be addressed to answer this: what type of technology is your cable box using? The 3 biggest remote tech options are: Bluetooth, Radio Frequency (RF), and Infrared (IR). The first two Bluetooth, and RF don't require any kind of line of sight so you won't have any problems if your cable box/remote is using either of those. We're actually noticing more and more cable boxes coming out using these technologies. Now, If your cable box uses IR, it will most likely work too! Read on, we've got answers. 

So, why does the cable box still work when it's behind the TV? Well, in the case of Infrared light, the light can bounce off of walls and other surfaces in the same way that a laser pointer's beam can bounce off of mirrors. In this case however, the remote is using omnidirectional infrared emitters which are incredibly powerful!

So, Imagine turning on a laser pointer that shoots a burst of thousands of beams in a room full of mirrors and that is sort of what's happening when you press a button on your TV remote. This explains why the signal won't travel through walls, but finds it's way behind your TV.

We can't speak for all when we say your remote will work, however it DOES work in the majority of setups. We suggest that you test your setup to be sure. Worst case, you can purchase an IR Extender / Booster for as low as $10. 

Read some of our Amazon Customer Reviews below that specifically mention Remote Functionality in our cable box mounts. And check out purchasing a HIDEit Mount for your cable box here. Determining the right mount to fit your cable box is honestly the hardest part! 

We won't say it will work better than before, but the decision to HIDEit sure didn't disappoint this customer!

No problems with the remote function again!  

We find most of our customers don't experience any problems with their remote functionality, we've been around since 2009 and get reviews like these all of the time. We're happy to provide a simple solution to decluttering your TV space and HIDE-ing that cable box!

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