5 Health and Wellness Tips to Help You Game Longer

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Gaming is a hobby that can be fun for all ages and demographics. With an unlimited amount of game styles, online gaming is made for just about everyone.

It's no secret that when we're younger, we naturally have more time in our lives to spend participating in our favorite hobbies. As we get older and our list of responsibilities gets longer, we can struggle to find a couple of hours to enjoy our favorite past times. For some, it may be working out, cooking, and for others, playing video games. When you find the ability to add gaming back into your hectic schedule, it's important we're doing it in a healthy way that allows you to enjoy that time.

Set Time Aside In Your Schedule

Setting aside time to play in your already busy schedule can be tough to manage. Start by making it a priority. Everybody needs some self-care time and this just happens to be yours. Whether you plan your days out a week in advance or the morning of, block out a chunk of time for you to game. If you have a partner, communicate this with them so you can get the most out of your “self-care” time.

Rest Your Eyes

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Did you know that both professional gamers and casual gamers are vulnerable to eye problems? The symptoms that these two groups of players face only tend to be worsened by wearing contacts because you naturally tend not to blink as much. As you may know, longer gaming sessions can be incredibly troublesome to your eyes. Not only do your eyes become more sensitive the longer you play due to lack of blinking, but you may experience sleepiness, eye dryness and irritation as well. 

Fighting this battle can be tough to many as it's hard to nail down the exact trigger affecting you. To combat all of these symptoms, consider buying a pair of men's glasses to wear for long gaming sessions and heavy screen usage. Picking up a pair to wear while you game gives your eyes a chance to rehydrate and, most importantly, stay focused on your game without potential side effects. The better your eyes feel, the longer you can enjoy playing!

Give Your Setup a Refresh

As humans, we enjoy being in spaces that we feel comfortable in. Painting your room different shades of blue and grey can make the lights in your space pop while still maintaining a level of comfort. Another simple change that you can make yourself is the direction in which your desk faces. Angling yourself away from a window helps you avoid additional eye strain caused by natural sunlight creeping in at different hours of the day. Customizing your gaming setup into something you admire will only lead to one thing – you wanting to spend more time at it. Regardless of what genre of games you play, when you sit down and prepare for a gaming session at the setup of your dreams, it is one of the best feelings you can have as a gamer.

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HIDEit Mounts afterhideit winner with PS5 and controller wall mounts

Whether you already have your ideal gaming setup or are looking to level your space up, HIDEit is here to help! Now is the perfect time to take a step back from your setup, do a deep clean and reorganize for greater focus and comfort. Grab a gaming mount for your PS5, Xbox Series X or any other gaming console you have to help you stay organized while keeping your consoles cool and safe. You’ll find that when you clean up your cords, you’ll spend more time relaxing and having fun in your newly refreshed space.

Straighten Up Your Posture

No one thinks about the dangers of sitting on a daily basis, however, the reality is prolonged. Sitting with a bad posture can cause health issues such as neck pain, lower back pain, and lower crossed syndrome. 

But there is good news! Because this is such a talked-about topic in the industry, fixing your gaming posture is quite an easy fix. For your upper body, make sure that you have your head against a pillow or a headrest in your chair; this can help ease your neck and shoulders muscles. For your lower body, make sure that your feet are flush with the ground and have your back pushed all the way against your seat. Doing this will ease your legs and take pressure off of your lower back. And the number one tip, remember to stand and take breaks – get up, stretch and walk around here and there; your body will thank you in the long run!

Stay Hydrated

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While drinking an adequate amount of water is crucial every day, it can be especially rewarding when you engage in a long gaming session. Water has many benefits as it makes up 60% of your body mass and 75% of your brain. Staying hydrated during your sessions can increase your mental functions, making it easier to stay engaged longer. Side effects of dehydration that gamers want to avoid at all costs are exhaustion, rage, and feeling depressed. Depression can turn your Friday night game session upside down very quickly, so why not avoid this completely by bringing a glass of water with you the next time you sit down and play games.

We hope you incorporate some of these helpful tips into your routine so you can stay winning on your next gaming adventure.