Three Tips to HIDE Cables With a Wall Mounted TV

How to Hide TV Cables

When we show off our epic gamer wall setup at HIDEit HQ, we usually get asked “Where are all the cords?” If there’s one thing we’ve perfected over the last decade, it’s how to create a clean setup by hiding devices and taming unsightly cables. Whether you’re looking to vanish hanging cables in your living room, office or man cave, we’ve got three easy tips to help you mange cables and create a space you'll love!

Tip #1: HIDE Wires Behind the TV

How to hide cables with cord wraps

We can all picture this: cords running from the bottom of the TV to an entertainment center or surge protector. This ruins the aesthetics of what we’re going for in our living room or gaming space. After all, that’s why we started HIDEit to begin with.

What’s the easiest way to get rid of cords? HIDE them!

Using any one of our wall mounts, you can easily bring those unsightly cables up. You’ll no longer need to worry about HDMI cables that are too long that dangle down. You can always wall mount your devices and most of our mounts are VESA pattern compatible. All you’ll need is our VESA Bars to add a few extra spots for the mounts.

PRO TIP: Pick up a few HIDEit Cord Wraps. Similar to a Velcro cord wrap, these hook and loop straps are strong enough to hold and are easily adjustable to fit cords of any size. Plus they won’t pinch cables the way a zip-tie can.

Tip 2: Use Cord Covers to HIDE Cables

Using cord covers to hide cables

Now, what about power cables? Those need to hang down, don’t they? Well, yes, but there are plenty of ways to get rid of those unwanted cables.

Cord covers are an affordable and fast way to hide cords without any additional demo work. Simply stick them to the wall, run the cables through them and watch them disappear!

Better yet, cord covers come in all different colors, so you can match your wall’s color to blend the covers. Or you can paint the covers to camouflage the covers and never notice them again. We’ve even had customers use cord covers for greater cable management to create a unique design to make their setup pop even more!

Tip 3: HIDE Cables Behind the Wall

Relocating outlets to hide cables

The DIY route isn’t for everyone, and if you’re not comfortable with getting your hands dirty and making a few holes, this might not be the option for you. What options do you have for a DIY project, should you be willing to try? 

The first option is to route the cables behind the wall using an in-wall wire hider. This step doesn't require a licensed electrician, but you'll need to get your hands dirty with some additional work and tools, such as a saw or drill with a cutting attachment. It should only take a few minutes to create the perfect setup. Cut two holes, one near the TV and one near the outlet, screw in the behind wall cable routers and make those cables disappear!

Another option is to move the outlet closer to the TV. We definitely recommend hiring a licensed electrician here. We know many of you are crafty and more than capable of doing this yourself, but it's best to play on the safe side. A trained electrician should be able to move an outlet in just a couple of hours!

With these tips, we know you’ll soon be creating an incredible setup that’s photo-worthy! Be sure to post those photos on social media and tag HIDEit with #afterHIDEit to be entered into our AMAZING contest where your order could be free!