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HIDEit Man Cave: 3 Tips to Start Building Your Man Cave

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HIDEit Mounts How to Build a Man Cave

We’re building a man cave! After years of building amazing gaming displays, we're not just going to build a man cave and share the photos on social. We're bringing you along for the ride with a step-by-step breakdown of our process! And we'll share some of the tips we’ve learned over the last 13 years.

Step 1: Get Started - We have some great man cave ideas for inspo that will help!

Tip 1: Choose a Location

HIDEit Mounts Warehouse location for Man Cave
HIDEit Mounts Warehouse Man Cave Location Messy

Building a man cave is a fun project to make a space to call your own. That’s why finding a spot is an important first step. Many man caves are destined for the basement or garage. But you don’t have to make a garage man cave!

Instead, look for a place that offers plenty of space. Any extra rooms in your house are a great alternative to a basement, but a man cave doesn’t need to take up an entire room. All you need is enough space to execute your vision. You can always add to the area!

Finding a space for our man cave offered a challenge. We looked for a spot in the office, but quickly realized we would need move it to the warehouse. This space offered enough room for our ideas and was convenient for our team to access during breaks.

Don’t fear if you don’t have a dedicated room; all you need is a spot you can call your own!

Tip 2: Choose a Theme

Matt Man Cave with HIDEit Mounts, Xbox One S and Pool Table
Man Cave hockey display

It’s time to pick a theme for the room, something the best man caves have! Think about your favorite hobbies and interests. This will lead to how you want to decorate your space with man cave decor, which we’ll have more information about decorating a man cave in a later blog.

Most man caves are sports-themed, ready to show off team spirit and sports pride. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions to fully understand the direction you want this project to take. Are you trying to make a replica stadium themed after Levi’s Stadium? Why not show your friends how you’re the 12th man and share your Seahawks pride? How about recreating Yankee Stadium or the Green Monster at Fenway Park? Are you a NASCAR junkie and want to recreate being at Daytona?

There are plenty of themes to create a man cave; the opportunities are endless! Some common man cave themes include:

  • Sports dedicate to your favorite team
  • Pub/Bar for a hangout spot with your friends
  • Hot Rod Garage to show your love for cars
  • Hunting Lodge to brag about your trophies
  • Casino/Poker to live out your Las Vegas dream
  • Gaming to display your inner nerd
Maccagames Gaming setup for Man Cave
Flux Man Cave Gaming Setup

Whatever you decide, picking a theme lets you create a space of your own. Go wild and recreate a dugout, share your inner nerd or show your favorite hobbies. Use this as an opportunity to create a man cave display for those game-used balls, special edition consoles and anything else that defines you!

We knew we wanted to create a man cave when we launched our sports mounts three years ago. We went with a sports bar theme with a dedicated bar, pool table and two TVs – essentials for a man cave! We also added an oversized couch for relaxing during breaks at HIDEit HQ. We’re sure our man cave will provide you with awesome inspo for yours!

Tip 3: Prep Work

Man Cave prep work moving electrical outlet
Man Cave prep work patch and paint

The final step is taking care of the prep work required to create the ultimate man cave. Whether you’re cleaning an existing room up or just moving in, the prep work lays the foundation for the space.

We recommend moving any furniture away and taking down any wall decor. Rejuvenate the room by painting the walls in a color that matches your theme. Don’t forget to deep clean every nook and cranny to get a clean slate.

Prep is not just about cleaning. You might need to relocate electrical outlets around if you want a cord-free look when mounting your TV or devices. You can do this yourself with the help of this step-by-step guide from Do It Yourself, but we’d recommend getting a professional if you don’t feel comfortable. Many of our partnered installers can help you! We needed to move two outlets, and since we’re in a commercial building, we reached out to an electrician.

We spent a few days prepping the space, first by moving furniture and getting an electrician. We then spent a day patching and painting dozens of holes on what is now our former mount testing wall. Once everything was dried, our man cave was ready to move to the project's next phase.

Make sure you stay tuned to HIDEit Mounts and our social channels to see the progress and what tips we offer as we make the ultimate man cave.

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