Baseball Fans and Sports Enthusiast, get ready to be inspired!


Brad’s setup caught our attention when he submitted photos of his impressive sports room to our #afterHIDEit monthly photo contest! After our team oohed and aahed (admittedly with a little jealousy) we wanted to know the inspiration behind this Detroit Tigers fan’s love of the game.

“Growing up we had an old VHS tape of baseball collections. I don’t remember the name of the VHS, but I remember seeing these setups and it’s always stuck with me.”

Like many collectors, Brad’s setup progressed and changed over time. “I use to collect anything I could get my hands on. As I’ve gotten older and have limitations on space to display, I’ve started to focus on more game used items.” 

Enter HIDEit Mounts!


Brad needed a wall mount that showed off his collectible bats without taking up too much space on the wall. With most options on the market being bulky (and often require the bat to remain in a tube to DISPLAYit) he went in search of a better solution.

“I have other cases from the bigger box stores and they’re nice but take some of the focus off the bats themselves,” says Brad.  “So I googled bat cases and did some research on HIDEit and was immediately impressed. Great product and great people!

Using HIDEit’s Horizontal Bat Mount Brad was able to bring his dream setup to life. Our mount’s minimalist form allowed the baseball bats to be the center of attention and not the mount.

“As I said before I’m a neat freak with my collection. I can’t stand cords or clutter. The mounts are barely noticeable and do a great job displaying the bats. Very sleek design.”


Brad had a plan for his setup even before he bought his house! He chose to install two HIDEit Horizontal Bat Mounts which come with protective rubber caps to ensure the bats stay securely mounted and safe from potential scratches. His advice to those just starting to compile their collection? Have a layout in mind! “I hate clutter, one of the main reasons I love HIDEit.”

Brad also shared some of his fave memorabilia with us. “My first born, Easton, was born in 2016. Being a huge Detroit Tigers fan we watched the game in the hospital the night he was born. I was able to get a ball from that game and had the starting pitcher, Michael Fulmer, sign it to my son. It’s a story and a keepsake I’ll always treasure.”


What is the one thing Brad would add to his setup to make it complete? “Tough question, I don’t know it’ll ever be complete. That’s the fun of collecting. There’s always new wants!” Sports fans everywhere agree!

Brad’s impressive game room is definitely one of our favorite #afterHIDEit setups, but what is his favorite part of the setup? “The ability to show off everything I’ve collected over the years while still having it a place that family and friends can gather.”

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