HIDEit Port | Sonos Port Wall Mount

Sonos Wall Mount for Sonos Port Music Streamer

  • Whether you’re a Sonos sound system novice or Audiophile, the HIDEit Sonos Port Wall Mount is the perfect solution for using your Port without taking up valuable shelf or cabinet space. Our intentionally simple design doesn’t block ports or interfere with WiFi, so you can mount your Port almost anywhere! Wall mounting your Sonos Port keeps it safe from accidental damage and makes cable management a breeze! So, save space and mount your Port for a sleek Sonos setup!

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    For Sonos Amp Mount: HIDEit S-Amp | For Sonos Connect Amp Mount: HIDEit C-Amp

    Is this the right mount for my Sonos device? This mount was custom designed for the Sonos Port Music Streamer. Other Sonos speakers and amps will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    Are any ports obstructed? Nope! We design our mounts to ensure that no ports, buttons or outputs are blocked by the mount.
    Is there any signal interference with the Sonos Port mounted? Nope! We designed our Sonos Port mount to be intentionally sleek to ensure that Wi-Fi signals won’t be obstructed.
    Can I under-desk mount this? Yes! Depending on the thickness of the desk or shelf, shorter mounting screws may be required.