Easy Home Office Organization Tips

Easy Home Office Organization Tips

Whether working from home is your everyday routine or a recent development, we have a few organizational tips to help you declutter your home office setup so you stay ultra productive and ready to tackle your day.


Setting up a home office workspace can pose a few challenges. Having enough space for office equipment like monitors, keyboard and mouse, plus enough space to type or write comfortably can be difficult with limited space. To eliminate feeling cramped and create more space, mount your computer to the wall, directly to the back of your monitor, or under your desk.

Custom computer mounts like the HIDEit Mac Mini Mount and HIDEit Dell Optiplex Micro PC Mount offer mounting versatility and safe storage with their custom wrap design. For standard PC towers, the HIDEit Uni-LXW is the perfect extra-large full bracket solution so your PC tower is completely secure. Use a laptop instead of a desktop? The Gadgets+ USB Hub allows you to connect your MacBook to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse for added productivity. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in your bag when you need a change of scenery and a few extra ports.

Do you need a place to store your wireless modem or mesh Wi-Fi system? Check out our growing list of home office mounts with the HIDEit XB7HIDEit XB6, HIDEit Wave and HIDEit EPro 6 to safely store your router or modem wherever you see fit. Our custom mounts can be mounted to help you free up space on your desk or having dangling cords. These two mounts are great additions to our growing home office mounts to help organize your space!


When devices are safely mounted, cords can be wrapped and tucked behind the monitors and eliminated from line of sight creating a workspace free from distracting cord clutter! Cord wraps are a quick solution to keep those pesky cords wrapped up and hidden. We prefer the reusable hook and loop straps versus using zip ties which have the potential to damage cables if zipped too tightly.


Research shows that light can effect our mood and energy levels which makes the right workspace lighting all the more important for productivity. And with so many choices on the market, finding the right desk lamp that fits your unique needs can be tricky. LED desk lamps have become a popular choice due to their versatility in color temperature and environmentally friendly design.

And of course, adding HIDEit LED Strip Lights to your home office setup will take your workspace to a whole new lighting level! HIDEit LEDs can transition your daytime desk space into the perfect gaming setup. For more home office lighting ideas check out the these home office lighting tips from thespruce.com.

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