HIDEit S-Amp | Sonos Amp Wall Mount

⏰ Backordered Until 8/17⏰ Sonos Amp Wall Mount for Sonos Amplifier

  • HIDEit gives you options…so think outside the rack! The HIDEit Sonos Amp Wall Mount is the ideal space-saving solution. The snug fit design with slide-in screw feature keeps the Sonos Amplifier stable. Quickly mount in any direction for location flexibility and ease to service.

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    For Sonos Connect Mount: HIDEit Connect | For Sonos Connect Amp Mount: HIDEit C-Amp

    How is the Sonos Amp secured? The included M5 screw secures the mount to the Amp, using the Amp’s existing screw hole.
    Will the mount withstand the weight of the Sonos Amp? Of course! Our Sonos Amp mount comes with drywall anchors rated for 25lbs each, much more than the weight of the Sonos Amp! Plus, with over 10 years in the industry, we've never had a mount fall.