HIDEit Uni-VESA Bar | VESA Adapter Bracket for HIDEit Mounts


Universal VESA Adapter Bracket for attaching to the back of a wall-mounted TV: HIDEit Mount, Digital Signage Player, HDMI Extender, Baluns & More

  • Not enough wall space to mount your devices? Don’t want to drill holes in the wall? Then the HIDEit Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket is your solution! Use the VESA Bracket with our other mounts to install cable boxes, streaming devices, and more directly to the back of a wall mounted or ceiling mounted TV! We designed the VESA Adapter Bracket with pre-inserted nuts to ensure quick and easy installation. Thanks to the HIDEit Uni-VESA, you can use our mounts, even when you don’t have a wall to mount them to!

    Get THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket

    Why should I use the HIDEit VESA Adapter? Utilizing the HIDEit Uni-VESA Bar prevents the need for drilling holes in your wall. Instead, the device will mount to the back of your wall-mounted TV using the adapter bar and device mount.
    What’s included? Each Uni-VESA Bar comes with 1 bracket, 2 M4 screws and 1 locking washer.
    How many do I need? Most of our small device mounts only require one Uni-VESA Bar, while our larger mounts require two Uni-VESA Adapters.