Now that you wall mounted your TV, how do you HIDE the Cable Box?

You finally did it, you hired a TV Installation Pro or used your DIY skills and wall mounted your TV.  Feels better, doesn’t it?  Sleek and clean…oh wait, you still have your cords, cable box and components all over the place?  Wall mounting your TV isn’t the only solution to create the professional home theater setup you are looking for…it’s really just the start.

Next is to deal with the TV components.  You could purchase a horizontal wall mounted component shelf, but they are limited on how much weight they can handle being horizontal - some are even made of a flimsy plastic.  Besides, you still have to look at it!  So, how do you hide that ugly cable box?! 

At HIDEit Mounts, we specialize in hiding your TV components BEHIND your TV.  We started with wall mounts for game consoles but quickly realized that our customers wanted a cable box wall mount, too.  Though Motorola and Scientific Atlanta make cable boxes and DVR receivers for many of the big companies like DISH, Comcast, Time Warner, U-verse and FiOS, they don’t make them a consistent size - DirecTV makes their own satellite receivers and still have a variety of sizes available!  We knew the best solution would be something that could work for all of them so we worked tirelessly to create an adjustable component wall mount.  Now, we offer a complete line of Universal Mounts that will hold any cable box available.