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PlayStation Mounts

To have a PlayStation is to love a PlayStation.  Sony has been great with multi-tasking - even the PS2 worked as a DVD player.  Did you know that your PS3 (slim or fat) is one of the best Blu-Ray players out there?!  Now, with the PlayStation Store, you can stream (rent) or download (buy) your favorite games, music, TV shows and movies without ever having to leave home.  Your PlayStation works with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube and more!  The PlayStation Network not only offers access to the PlayStation Store, but the PSN also has tons of exclusives and lets you play online.  As the hardest multi-tasker out there, we love you, PlayStation!

Out of love, at HIDEit Mounts we have developed an entire line of PlayStation Wall Mounts.  We started with the 2S, a PlayStation 2 Slim Wall Mount, then moved onto the 3, our PlayStation 3 Wall Mount for the fat PS3 (we say "fat" with loving intent).  When Sony introduced the PlayStation 3 Slim, we quickly designed the 3S as our PS3 Wall Mount for the slim and sexy model. With the revamped PS3 Super Slim, we also reworked our design and introduced our 3SS in heavy duty steel.  Our Uni-M + Theft Deterrent will protect your PS4 from theft and we also offer the HIDEit 4 PS4 floating mount!

As Sony and PlayStation introduce new consoles, we'll be there developing new mounts.