Which TV Mount Should You Buy?

At HIDEit Mounts, we don’t make or sell TV Wall Mounts…at least not right now.  However, we are often asked which TV Mounts work best with our Component Wall Mounts.

There are a few types of TV Wall Mounts available.  If you aren’t trying to HIDE your A/V components behind your TV, then you can buy a Flat Mount TV Bracket.  These are very close to the wall and don’t allow for any movement.  

If you are looking to mount only a few components that are thin and small like a Roku and Apple TV which are less than 1” deep, then you can likely use a Tilting TV Wall Mount or a Tilt/Swivel Mount since most can extend more than 1.5” when fully tilted.

But, if you want to wall mount larger components like a PS4 at 2” deep, a cable box at 2.5-3” deep plus some small devices, you need a Fully Articulating Wall Mount.  Full Articulating Wall Mounts allow you to pull the TV away from the wall, swivel from left to right, and tilt up and down.  These TV mounts offer the most space behind the TV for your peripheral equipment and the bonus is that you can adjust them to maximize your view.  I like to pull the TV out further when we have a movie night - it’s the free way to make your TV feel bigger!

Once you have decided between Flat, Tilt, Tilt/Swivel and Articulating, search for a TV mount that takes up a small wall footprint.  The space that the mount itself takes up on the wall will minimize the amount of space you have for your components.  No big deal if you are only mounting a few things, but if you have a handful of components, the wall mount’s footprint becomes more important.

Last, make sure that the mount you are purchasing works with the size of your TV.  If you opt for one that is VESA compliant (most are), installation should be pretty straightforward.