HIDEit Mounts aren't just for your Home...

When we first dreamed of HIDEit Mounts in 2008, it all began with the desire to store the Wii somewhere other than in plain site. We ran with the concept of hiding electronic devices and components ever since. It wasn't until we received messages and images from our customers that we realized our wall mounts are the solution for more than just creating a clean home theater or gaming setup.

Turns out, our wall mounts are being used in RVs...makes total sense! Our mounts are perfect for saving space and goodness knows, RVs don't tend to be very big!

Game Console Storage in RV | HIDEit Mounts | Save space in an RV

Not being boat owners (unfortunately), we hadn't thought about HIDEit Mounts in boats until we received this review from Steven E.:

   "We live on a yacht the hideit mount for xbox is excellent. Great for keeping bench tops clear. Excellent service great company to deal with."

If being in RVs and Yachts wasn't awesome enough, our mounts were used in the remodel of several Celebrity Cruise Ships when they added their Xbox Gaming areas! Here you can see our XS below the TV!

HIDEit Xbox 360 Mount | Wall mount for Xbox | Xbox Mount

We can't wait to see where HIDEit Mounts will be used next!