HIDEit Uni-LXW | Adjustable Large Extra-Wide PC Mount

Adjustable Computer Case Wall Mount

  • Get your PC off the floor and mount it under your desk or to the wall using the HIDEit Uni-LXW! Our Uni-LXW Mount offers a full bracket solution so your PC tower is completely secure. It’s unique design ensures easy access to buttons and ports and allows for better airflow. With so many ways to mount your PC, how will you maximize your desk space?

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    Product Name: HIDEit Uni-LXW
    UPC: Black 858691006425
    Includes: #8 Flat Countersink Screws, Drywall Anchors, Black Thumbnuts
    Vertical Dimension Range: H 13.5-17.5 x L 10.0 (overhang is fine) x D 3.75-7.0 in (342.9-444.5 x 254.0 (overhang is fine) x 95.25-177.8 mm)