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HIDEit BSXT | BrightSign VESA Adapter Mount

BrightSign Mount for XT and XD line of Digital Signage Media Players

  • Quickly install a BrightSign Player directly to the back of wall or ceiling mounted display with our BSXT Bracket. Originally designed for a commercial integrator, our BrightSign VESA Mount Adapter is versatile, easy to keep on hand, and easy to install. Works with most models in the XT and XD Product Line of BrightSign Digital Signage Media Players.

    Which BrightSign models are compatible with this mount? The HIDEit BSXT mount is compatible with the following models of BrightSign devices: XT244, XT1144, XD233, XD234, XD1033 and XD1034.
    Are any buttons or ports obstructed by the mount? Nope! We intentionally designed our HIDEit BSXT to ensure that no buttons or cable ports are covered!