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HIDEit Sky Q Mini | Sky Q Mini Box Mount

Sky Q Mini Wall Mount for Sky Q Mini Box

  • Don’t settle for an unsightly setup. Enjoy your TV watching experience by mounting your Sky Q Mini. Our custom mount keeps your Sky Q Mini secure and saves space with its sleek design. Haven’t mounted your Sky Q box yet? We’ve got your mount!

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    Is this the right wall mount for my Sky Q Mini box? This Sky Q mount was designed to work with the Sky Q Mini. Other Sky Q models, such as the Sky Q 1TB, will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    Will the remote still work? Yes! Infrared, RF and Bluetooth signals will still work with the device mounted behind the TV, so you can ditch the cable box shelf! Read why it works.
    Can this mount be mounted to a brick, concrete or stone wall? Absolutely, but different mounting hardware may be required.