HIDEit Uni-S | Adjustable Small Electronics + Cable Box Mount


Adjustable Wall Mount or VESA Mount for Small Electronic Equipment: Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, Media Player, Mini PC, Wireless Router & More

  • It's nice to see that components are getting smaller. It makes it easier to hide them! Our Uni-S is a simple but effective little mount that will adjust to fit most of your small electronic devices. Adjust the depth to fit your component and have it up on the wall in minutes! Choose from Black or Silver.

    Not wide enough? Try our Uni-SW

    Product Name: HIDEit Uni-S
    UPC: Black 798304245400; Silver 798304351828
    Includes: #8 Flat Countersink Screws, Drywall Anchors
    Vertical Dimension Range: H 5" x L 5"(overhang is fine) x D 1.0-1.85"