HIDEit Micro | Dell OptiPlex Micro PC Wall Mount

Computer Wall Mount, VESA Mount, Under Desk Mount for Dell OptiPlex Micro PC

  • Your ultra-compact computer deserves an ultra-compact mount! The HIDEit Dell OptiPlex Micro PC Mount is the perfect compact and versatile mounting solution that frees up valuable desk space! Our Dell OptiPlex Mount can be wall mounted, under desk mounted, or VESA mounted allowing it to be hidden almost anywhere, in minutes! Plus, it utilizes the same design as our best-selling, patented MiniU mount, so you can rest assured that it won’t block ports or interfere with WiFi! With so many ways to mount your Dell Opti-Plex Micro, how will you HIDEit?

    Can I under-desk mount this? Yes! Depending on the thickness of the desk, shorter mounting screws may be required.
    Can the ports face up or down without issue? Yes!
    What are the screws for? The included flat shorter M4 screws are for VESA mounting your Dell OptiPlex directly to the back of your computer monitor.
    What if my monitor isn't wall mounted? No problem! You can VESA mount your Dell OptiPlex Mini PC directly to the back of your monitor, using the holes that would normally be used for the monitor stand!