HIDEit XiD-P | Pace PXD10ANI XiD Mount


Cable Box Wall Mount, VESA Mount, Under-Desk Mount for Pace XiD HD Receiver used by Cox, Rogers, and Comcast Xfinity

  • The Pace XiD series has quickly become a receiver standard. Its unique size and design has encouraged us to make a HIDEit Mount especially for this receiver. Sleek and form fitting design makes it easy to HIDEit behind your TV using the VESA holes on your TV (and our mount) or on the wall so you can start Watching TV. Clutter Free.

    Is this the right mount for my device? This mount was designed for the Pace PXD10ANI XiD used by Cox, Rogers, and Comcast Xfinity.
    Will the remote still work? Yes! Infrared, RF and Bluetooth signals will still work with the device mounted behind the TV, so you can ditch the cable box shelf! Read why it works.
    What are the screws for? The drywall anchors and screws are for wall mounting your XiD, while the included flat, shorter M4 and M6 screws are for VESA mounting your receiver directly to the back of your TV.
    What if my TV isn't wall mounted? No problem! You can VESA mount your XiD device directly to the back of your TV, using the holes that would normally be used for the TV wall mount!