Right hand man. Best friend. Sidekick.

We just call it the Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket - the indispensable tool that works hand-in-hand with our mounts and makes HIDEing devices even easier!


Customers and Pro AV Integrators are always excited about our mounts but occasionally need a solution that doesn't require putting more holes in the wall. Most of our mounts have VESA holes and easily attach directly to the back of the TV, but when it comes to hiding devices with wall mounted TVs, the TV mount uses those same VESA holes. 

"Integrators were relying on double-sided sticky tape, velcro and even zip ties to attach devices to the back of wall mounted TVs...which is a scary thought. A professional tool was necessary to solve this issue and we knew we could create something that looked better and worked better." ~ Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO

That’s when our development team designed the perfect accessory - the Universal VESA Adapter Bracket! 

HIDEit Universal VESA Adapter Bracket size chart and hardware


Case Study: Vision Control Associates

Randy, an AV Integrator with Vision Control Associates, needed a solution to mount Intel® NUCs and their external power bricks to wall mounted monitors in a local airport. While the Intel® NUC has its own wall mount plate, it didn’t solve the issue of needing to mount these devices directly to each monitor.

Enter HIDEit!

Randy was able to use our Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket, along with the NUC wall mount, to attach the device directly to the back of the monitors. Plus, Randy used our adjustable Universal Extra Small Mount for the external power supplies. The result was an easy installation, clean setup, and securely hidden devices! 



Our development team took on the challenge of creating a universal solution that covered M4, M6, and M8 options, plus all possible VESA hole patterns. And that’s no small task! Adding all these patterns to our existing mounts would definitely not work because there are too many combinations. The first thoughts were to add a screw plate to the back of the mounts or add obrounds, but both eliminated sizing and adjusting possibilities with our Universal Mounts - that was not an acceptable solution!

That's when we knew we had to create a bar that could attach to the M8 bolt from the TV mount and work with the existing VESA patterns on our mounts. The Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket was born. It’s the perfect sidekick for all HIDEit Mounts and handy helper for AV Integrators and customers worldwide! 



It’s small. It’s universal. It’s clean and economical. There’s nothing else on the market like it.

Many Pro products are large brackets or plates that are expensive, take up a lot of space, and you still have to zip tie a mount to it!

The HIDEit Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket works with our mounts to install cable boxes, streaming devices, and more AV components directly to the back of a wall mounted or ceiling mounted TV. We even designed the VESA Bracket with pre-inserted PEM® nuts to make installations quicker and easier - a one person job!

• VESA compatible with M6 and M8 bolts or use a washer if using an M4 screw.
• Included M4 screws attach any of our mounts to the VESA Adapter Bracket.
• Included locking washer stabilizes VESA Adapter Bracket to prevent sliding or sagging.
• Made in the USA from 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.
• Quick and easy to install. Minimal tools needed.

• Use 1 bracket with our small mounts.
• Use 2 brackets with our large mounts.

Xfinity Xi5 mounted behind TV using HIDEit Universal Adapter Bracket

Xfinity Xi5 Mounted Using One HIDEit Uni-VESA Adapter Bracket