Blue light blocking glasses are the latest trend, but do they really work? You bet they do! Here's the latest research plus testimonials on our new HIDEit Gaming Glasses which protect your eyes and keep you gaming longer!


Blue light blocking glasses are the latest trend, but why? It seems like more and more experts are warning us about the harmful effects of too much blue light exposure on our eyes, however, is it really that big of a deal? Being tech junkies and avid gamers, we felt compelled to dive into the latest blue light research. 

Some of the benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses include:

• Reduce stress and strain on your eyes.
• Minimize glare and improve vision and clarity.
• See screen colors more vividly and clearly.
• Enjoy gaming and digital time longer without eye fatigue or headaches.
• Lessen disruption of melatonin production and impact on sleep patterns.


Research shows blue light can cause a wide range of negative effects including eye strain, headaches, and even insomnia. Blue light has been linked to sleep issues because too much exposure to blue light at night disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and delays the release of melatonin which helps us sleep. With the average office worker spending 1,700 hours per year in front of the computer screen, plus additional phone screen time throughout the day, we’re bombarded with blue light that will eventually decrease visual acuity and make focusing difficult.

The average adult spends up to 12 hours per day in front of TVs and computers, and 3.5 hours on mobile devices.

It’s no wonder that blue light blocking glasses are beneficial! Well, our HIDEit family is very important to us, so naturally, we want to provide a quality solution for this new issue and help you keep doing what you love - gaming and enjoying tech without strain!

"[HIDEit gaming glasses] just seem to take the strain off your eyes when playing which kinda enables you to concentrate on frying people rather than looking at the screen." ~ @djlgamiing

" far I'm loving the two [lens] options both designed to cut down on blue light which fatigues the eyes and can potentially lead to damage of your retina and macular degeneration...and ain't nobody got time for that! So look after yourselves, starting with those peepers guys as we need to keep our A game on." ~@i_am_milkes


The new HIDEit Gaming Glasses are the result of extensive research on the form + function of the best frame styles and blue light blocking lenses available. Our staff and Affiliates tested dozens of samples from various suppliers. We wore different styles throughout the day while working on our computers, playing games, and checking social media on our phones at night. Our goal was to provide a quality product that ensures lasting comfort, helps eliminate eye strain, and looks great too!

HIDEit Gaming Glasses are available in multiple frame colors and clear or yellow lenses.  The glasses are made from impact resistant, lightweight polycarbonate frames and scratch protected CR-39 lenses for better visual clarity than less expensive polycarbonate lenses. Plus, the classic frame style is flattering for both males and females.



HIDEit Gaming Glasses with clear lenses block 29% of blue light and are recommended for day/computer use. Yellow lenses block 79% of blue light for gaming/night use.