THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Hockey Stick Mounts

THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Hockey Stick Mounts

After 11 years of creating innovative storage solutions, we've revolutionized how you store and display your sports equipment! Here's how our Hockey Stick Mounts came to be and how our Sports Mounts Collection continues to grow by popular demand!


Being athletes ourselves, we know the struggle of sports gear organization. With very few options on the market, there was an obvious need for an innovative, high quality solution - and, that's what we do!

We launched HIDEit SPORTS in 2019 with the intent to solve simple problems like mounting helmets, baseball bats, and other sports equipment that can be hard to organize. The HIDEit Vertical and Horizontal Baseball Bat Mounts were our first sports gear mounts on the market and they took off faster than Rickey Henderson stealing a base...well, you get the picture.

Our Bat Mount success sparked a ton of inquiries from customers wondering if they also worked for hockey sticks. The quick answer? Not to the HIDEit standard! So, naturally our team took on the challenge of creating custom Vertical and Horizontal Hockey Stick Mounts.


We started with our proven Horizontal Bat Mount design to ensure the mount would be durable and versatile. With a few modifications (and quite a bit of hockey stick testing!), we adjusted the dimensions to make the mount truly universal. The Horizontal Hockey Stick Mount accommodates any type of hockey stick and uses the stick’s natural balance point to mount horizontally. We increased the depth of the original HBat Mount to work for any hockey stick handle thickness - tape or no tape. Plus, the increased depth allows space for any blade curvature and even works with goalie sticksWe’ve got you covered Lundqvist!

For the Vertical Hockey Stick Mount our team chose a design that supports the blade versus the handle. By supporting the blade, the mount bears the stick’s weight to ensure it remains vertical and centered on the wall.


We added a powder-coat finish to our steel hockey mounts making them rust resistant and giving sports enthusiasts the option to mount indoor and outdoor, on the wall in a garage, in the home, or in a locker room. Our design is sturdy and reliable, and like all HIDEit Mounts, they’re super easy to install! The addition of rubber caps also makes our mounts scratch resistant to ensure collectable sticks are not damaged when being placed on and off the mount.

Oh! And did we mention our Vertical Hockey Stick Mount can also be mounted at an angle? Time to get ultra creative with your setup design! 

  • Made by athletes for athletes.
  • Perfect for display or storage.
  • Universal design fits most hockey stick types.
  • Single-piece mount for easy install.
  • Includes scratch resistant rubber caps.
  • Vertical Hockey Stick Mount can be mounted at an angle.
  • Horizontal Hockey Stick Mount allows blade to face left or right.
  • Made in the USA from 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability.

Not Pucking Around

But the puck doesn’t stop there! We’ve expanded our growing sports mount lineup with the addition of the new HIDEit Puck, the easiest way to safely store and display your favorite hockey puck. The simple design fits an official NHL-sized hockey puck while maintaining the HIDEit quality you expect. Add the HIDEit Puck Mount to your hockey sporting goods collection to show off your favorite team in style!

Have gear that we don't have a mount for? Let us know! We’re always listening to our customers and just might make your request the next great HIDEit Mount!

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