After 11 years of creating innovative storage solutions, we launched HIDEit SPORTS to revolutionize how you store and display your sports equipment! Our Sports Mounts have been so well received (many thanks to our customers for their epic feedback!) that naturally we had to create more! Say hello to our newest additions, the HIDEit Vertical Bike Mount Rack, HIDEit Horizontal Snowboard Mount, and HIDEit Vertical Ski Mount Rack for adult and youth sports gear!


The bigger question is "why is a tech and gaming mount company now making sports mounts?" Well, consider this: how much sports gear graces your garage floor? If you're like us, then the answer is lots! Being athletes ourselves, we know the struggle of sports gear organization. With very few options on the market, there was an obvious need for an innovative, high quality solution - and, that's what we do!

“As the mom of three boys, HIDEit SPORTS just made sense. We set out to solve simple problems like mounting helmets, baseball bats, and other sports equipment that can be hard to organize.” ~ Relina Shirley, Co-Founder and CEO of HIDEit Mounts.


Our goal with the HIDEit VBike Mount was simple - design an ultra-sturdy mount with a minimal footprint that allows customers to mount their bike(s) virtually anywhere, even in small spaces! Our team started the design by using our sleek two-piece steel bar and backplate concept that successfully debuted with the HIDEit Display Skateboard Mount. We knew slight modifications to that steel bar could solve the challenge of properly supporting the weight of a bike as well. During the testing phase, we realized the curvature of our new bar design had to double in size in order to truly be a Universal fit for all bike types. After slight modifications, we nailed our goal and created a true HIDEit classic!

The HIDEit HBoard is our first ever two-point mounting system that uses two “clip” mounts to hang one board. While small, these clips are mighty! We designed them with 12-gauge heavy duty steel to properly support the weight of a snowboard, then we rubber dipped each clip to protect the board and edges from damage. We also added an angled lip for easy functionality of placing the board in and out of the mount. Not to mention, our unique design allows you to mount your snowboard horizontally or at an angle for ultimate flexibility to DISPLAYit!

But what about skis? We know that bulky ski racks don’t work for every space, so we designed our HIDEit Vertical Ski Mount with a minimal footprint in mind. Using the same ultra-sturdy steel backplate and bar design as our Vertical Bike Mount and Display Skateboard Mount, we were able to create a mount that takes up less than 6” of horizontal wall space! Our Ski Mount’s unique steel bar is curved to vertically hold adult or youth skis at any part of the ski, making it ultra easy for kids of all ages to take skis on and off the mount.


We designed all of our Sports Mounts with heavy use in mind. The 5/16” steel bar and 12-gauge steel back plate of our Bike Wall Mount and Ski Wall Mount are made for support, durability, and strength. Plus, the power-coat finish and rubber dipped coating make it rust resistant, so you can mount it just about anywhere indoors or outdoors! The unique bar and backplate design also takes up minimal space by laying flush against the wall when not in use. 

If you’re looking to show off your sick snowboard graphics or just need a better storage solution, our Board Wall Mount Clips let you do both! Small enough to let your board take center stage, but ultra durable and strong to properly support your board.

  • Universal designs work with all types of bikes, skis and most snowboard types.
  • Rubber coating prevents scratches and damage.
  • VBike + VSki steel backplate secures bar + powder-coat finish resists rust.
  • Heavy duty steel for superior strength and durability.
  • Quick and easy to install. Minimal tools needed.
Three snowboards displayed in HIDEit Horizontal Snowboard Mount Clips.
HIDEit Horizontal Snowboard Mount Clips are easy to install and easy to use.
HIDEit Vertical Bike Wall Mount Rack
HIDEit Vertical Bike Wall Mounts are easy to install and easy to use.
HIDEit Vertical Ski Wall Mount with skis and poles mounted.
HIDEit Vertical Ski Rack Wall Mount is easy to install and easy to use.


“From baseball, to soccer, to volleyball and football, the need to have storage solutions is a necessity for any athlete looking to keep their equipment in top shape. The products coming out of HIDEit SPORTS are endless.” Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO.

Have gear that we don't have a mount for? Let us know! We’re always listening to our customers and just might make your request the next great HIDEit Mount!