5 Easy Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Roku Ultra + Streambar

5 Easy Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Roku Ultra + Streambar

You've just purchased your new Roku Ultra 2020 or Roku Streambar and already picked a HIDEit Mount alongside it to save space. What's next? Check out these five easy tips to get the most out of your new Roku device.

TIP 1: Plug your headphones into the remote for private listening.

Having trouble hearing your movie? Don’t want to wake your neighbors? You’ll be shocked to learn the Roku Enhanced Voice Remote has an auxiliary port to plug your favorite headphones into, providing you crystal clear sound that won’t bother anyone around you.

TIP 2: Use your voice to search, launch, pause + more!

Not only can you listen to your favorite TV show through your Enhanced Voice Remote, but the remote has another hidden feature: voice control. Quickly search, launch your favorite channels, and pause your movie, all with the power of your voice. It’s that simple.

Roku Ultra 2020 RemoteRoku Enhanced Voice Remote

TIP 3: Get over 100 FREE TV channels + access to premium channels.

Did you know Roku Ultra 2020 has a free channel with access to hundreds of hours of content to stream? Well, now you do! The Roku Channel has access to 100 free live TV channels, including news and weather, sports, reality, kids, and so much more. All without spending a dollar. If you’re interested, you can purchase premium options such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

Perfect for any cord-cutter, you can also connect an antenna to your Roku to gain access to your local channels all in HD!

Roku Ultra 2020HIDEit Roku Ultra 2020 Mount

TIP 4: Use your phone as a remote to control your Roku device.

A common question we get asked is, “Will the remote still work when the device is mounted behind my TV?” Well, the good news is yes since the Roku remote uses both IR and advanced "point-anywhere" technology, but there’s an even cooler option - use your phone! You can download the Roku app on your iPhone or Android device to control your Roku.

The app also mimics the remote when you connect your favorite headset, allowing you to listen to your favorite movie without disturbing anyone around you. You also get access to the Roku Channel, where you can stream movies, TV shows, and your favorite channels on the go. That’s one powerful app!

TIP 5: Connect your phone via Bluetooth to stream your favorite music.

The new Roku Streambar packs big power into a small package. Not only is it a powerful soundbar providing excellent speaker quality, but it also combines the streaming capabilities of other Roku products. If you’re looking for greater sound, you can add a Roku Wireless Subwoofer and Roku TV Wireless Speakers for immersive sound.

Additionally, the Roku Streambar features Bluetooth technology so you can connect your smartphone or tablet and play your favorite music, whether it’s downloaded to your device or streaming from Spotify or Apple Music.

HIDEit Roku StreambarHIDEit Roku Streambar Mount

With the help of these tips, you'll be a master with your new Roku device!

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