Should you Get the Xbox One X?

The Xbox One X has just been released, which is very exciting for us as we work to make a Mount for all our customers! But many of you may be on the fence as to if it is worth the cost to get the Xbox One X over the Xbox One S, which has a price difference of over $200 dollars in many cases depending on special edition consoles and hard drive size. Which isn't even considering the PS4 Pro which also has 4K capabilities at $100 lower price tag. 

Processing Power

First let's talk about processing power, Xbox has been pushing their 40% more powerful and six Teraflops in their marketing, but what does that mean and is it worth the price tag?

Without getting too technical the increased processing power means that it will be able to play high resolution games at a higher number of frames per second or FPS. The higher FPS the more smoothly the game appears to run. The gold standard of FPS is 60, by comparison 30 FPS doesn't look bad at all, but it's not fantastic if you don't have a good eye for that sort of thing you might not even notice. 

Ultimately your experience will be slightly limited by your display, if you don't have a 4K TV or a TV with HDR capabilities the entire of the newer display. Which if you're interested in a 4K TV you may want to check out this post breaking down what's so special about 4K.

Even without a 4K HDR Display your average gamer is going to have another big noticeable benefit. Load times, this is a big one for especially for gamers who love single player campaigns, early tests show that load times will be significantly decreased on the Xbox One X - nearly by half. That's a huge selling point for those of you who absolutely HATE loadscreens. 

Heat & Noise

The Xbox One X has stayed about as quiet as the Xbox One S and even it reportedly stays significantly cooler than PS4 Pro, although we haven't run our own tests yet. The PS4 Pro runs about 120 degrees give or take, and the One X will runs at roughly 115 degrees. It looks like Microsoft has no intention of reliving the RROD that the Xbox 360s were famous for. 


The Xbox One X comes with a massive 1TB hard drive... or maybe not so massive because some games with the improved 4K resolution are taking up as much as 100 GB per game. That leaves you with the ability to only have 10 games on the console at any given time. It's tough to say yet if Microsoft will be offering models with larger disc drives or if the console has the ability to be upgraded. 

Form Factor 

This is a pretty sleek console that we're excited to add to our Gamer wall. It's the smallest Xbox yet, has no fan on the front to interrupt the clean black surface, so there isn't much to complain about. We will mention that Xbox packed in A LOT to this little system, so it is heavier than you might expect


Media Player Capabilities 

Consoles are our go to for a high quality digital media player to stream Netflix, Hulu, and the like. The Xbox One X does not disappoint with ability to play 4K discs, and stream content smoothly. Many of us with 4K Smart TVs opt for game consoles due to their superior ability to process content and play it back without lag time.


This is a discussion that has to happen every time a new console comes out. A lot of reviews have mentioned Xbox's poor exclusive lineup. PlayStation has a very nice library of tripple A exclusives such as Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Horizon Zero Dawn just to name a few.

A big factor that's being left out whenever games are discussed is backwards compatibility, Xbox has really embraced backwards compatibility personally we booted up our Xbox 360 copy of Halo: CE yesterday without any issue, and we can't say that didn't bring a smile to our faces. PS4 hasn't done any of that same work to improve back compatibility. 

It is a really tough decision at the end of the day, is it worth the cost to upgrade? Despite all of the positives we're left with a big... Maybe?