5 Techie Gifts Under $50

If you're shopping for a techie 2017 is a great year! Our quick 5 item gift guide is filled items your favorite Techie is sure to love!

Google Home Mini / Echo Dot 

Just under $50 dollars these little smart speakers are the perfect way to dip someone's feet into home automation. They're both great little assistants that can play music, look up random facts, save reminders for you, control other smart home devices, and lots of other little fun things. 

Smart Light Bulb 

Starting at around $25 dollars Smart bulbs are designed to replace your normal light bulbs and save you from the hassle of needing to get up and turn off the lights when you're nice and cozy settling down to watch a movie or maybe just about to sleep. You can schedule times for the light to be on as an anti burglary measure, and even control them with your Amazon or Google Home devices. Some require additional hubs to function, so be careful when shopping to find one that either doesn't need a hub, or is bundled with one. 

Wood Phone Case

Starting at around $10 wood phone cases are a great little novelty. Phone cases are just outfits for the device most people don't leave home without. If the techie in your life is anything like the techies we know they love their phone and could always use another case. Wooden phone cases are not just a cool conversation piece, they're also great at protecting your device!

Raspberry Pi 

Raspberry Pi, no not the delicious dessert. Is a small little computer that can be programed to do all kinds of tasks, and creates the perfect project for any techie. The board itself starts at around $35. One of the best things about the Pi is all of the community support surrounding these little computers. 

Device Wall Mounts

No Matter what kind of Techie you're shopping for, they could use a device mount. We guarantee it. We have mounts for Game Consoles, Echo Products, Media Players, and Universal Mounts for any device that could be better stored.