HIDEit HBat | Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount


Universal Horizontal Baseball Bat Wall Mount for Collectible, Autographed & Custom Bats

  • Complete the baseball or softball decor in your office or bedroom by making your favorite bat the center of attention! Proudly display your collectible baseball bat or memorabilia bat with our Horizontal Baseball Bat Wall Mount. The HIDEit HBat Mount is a sleek and discrete, single-piece storage solution that makes your bat the focus, not the mount! Plus, we've included protective rubber caps ensuring your bat stays securely mounted, won't slip, and is safe from potential scratches. So, go ahead and show your pride with the HIDEit Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount!


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    How does this mount work? This mount uses the natural balance of the bat to maintain a level position. The bottom arm of the mount supports the barrel, while the top arm prevents the handle of the bat from moving. The bat must be placed in the mount with the barrel on the right.
    Will all bats be centered in the mount? Not necessarily. Bats will need to be mounted closer to the handle or closer to the barrel, depending on the weight distribution of the bat.
    Can the bat be mounted with the barrel on the right or left? Due to the design of the mount, the bat has to be mounted with the barrel on the right and the handle on the left.