5 Gifts for Gamers Under $50

Let's be honest, gamers are not the cheapest people to shop for, with the cost of the average game around $60 and roughy the same price for your basic controller sometimes it can be tough finding gifts for gamers. So we put together this gift guide to give you few ideas for the gamer you're shopping for that don't break the bank! 

Joystick Grips


The Joystick is where the rubber hits the road for gamers! Or rather where the rubber hits the fingertips... Starting at around $5 these are perfect little stocking stuffers! 

Console Skins

Game console vinyl stickers or 'skins' are the easiest way to customize a console. Best of all they're easy to remove for a new look. 

Extra Long Micro USB Cord

In the middle of a game - the controller dies - bummer. Extra long Micro USB cords are the perfect hack to keep gaming. Both the PS4 and Xbox One let you simply plug in a micro USB to charge the controllers. But if you have... Say a 15 foot cord - well then, you can charge and keep gaming with no problem! 

Indie Game

Indie games are great gifts for a variety of reasons. They're relatively inexpensive (usually around $20.) They're fairly short games that don't require a huge time commitment. And you're introducing a gamer to a new game that they've probably never heard of! 

Game Console Mount


All under $50 no matter what game console your favorite gamer prefers, wall mounting is a great way for them to display or HIDE their console for a sleek and clean gaming setup!