This New Year's: Let's ORGANIZEit!

This New Year's: Let's ORGANIZEit!

2018 is here, and if you're like most of us, you acquired quite a  bit of goodies and toys from the holiday season. Instead of making unrealistic New Year’s goals that often go forgotten after two weeks, make a resolution to focus on your house and do some much needed organization and cleaning to start the year off fresh! 

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Make a mission to get all of your Christmas decorations down and put away by the second week of January. This way you have nothing holding you back from the real deep cleaning that needs to be done. Make 2018 the year of tough love. You probably received a lot of new things this holiday season to replace the junk you have had for years. Don't hesitate, if you haven’t used it within the last year either toss, donate, or sell it. A good rule to follow for cleaning is: for every new item you get, throw three out. 


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Try to make a decent cleaning schedule that is manageable. So you can trust yourself to follow it. Don't make it too complicated and have it work around your time. Use a calendar for everything so you don't get lost in the process.


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With the cold weather in full force and no longer the excitement of the upcoming holidays, you can channel your creative energy and discover some DIY projects to help you get organized and ready for 2018.

Don't be afraid to get thrifty: Color coordinating and labeling is one of the best ways to start tackling your organizational needs. Now that you have a little room, the process will be easier.

a living room setup with the wires decorated on the wall

 • For your endless wires: try  to bundle and use cord clips to string wires behind or under your desk. Or get innovative and create something you want to look at everyday.  

For other tricks on hiding all your hideous wires, check out these 11 hacks    

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Mount your devices: Our New Year resolution at HIDEit Mounts, is to continually unveil new mounts to help make your life easier. HIDEit mounts are for almost any electronic device, media player, or gaming system out there. Techie or not, there's a device you have that could use a mount! 

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 • Find a home for everything: Whether it’s new video games or other tech accessories, everything needs a specific place. Using old shoe boxes or big storage bins can help keep you get organized without the hassle. Try to label the bins accordingly to the device they go to. 

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 Image from Kevin Record on Video Game Organization


New Year’s resolutions, although a pain, can be a chance to start new. The New Year can be a time for understanding what went wrong in previous years, and how to do better. Don’t let the resolutions get the best of you. Take time for yourself and make sure everything you decide to do, is for yourself. A cleaner, more coordinated house helps declutter your mind.

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