5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Gaming Backlog

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Gaming Backlog

Each year, a massive amount of games launch to great fanfare. But with games getting bigger and longer, competing for all of our time, it’s become increasingly difficult to play all of them. Cue the inevitable backlog. If you’re like us, your backlog has gotten out of control with dozens of games from every genre and varying lengths. Well, in the spirit of spring cleaning, let’s take a look at five tips to clear out your gaming backlog.

TIP 1: Make a List

This tip seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised how useful lists are. Listing out your backlog helps you visualize the task ahead. However you want to organize it -- alphabetically, platform-based, release year -- is up to you. And no matter how long the list gets, don’t let it intimidate you!

GG| Video Game Collection Tracker front pageGG| Video Game Collection Tracker

You can always make a physical list on a piece of paper or notebook, but there are plenty of online sources to make a list whether it’s the notepad on your phone or tablet or a dedicated listing website.

BONUS TIP: While making a list, check your games off! You’d be surprised how great it feels to physically slash a title off your backlog. Having a visualization of your progress will help motivate you to keep going.

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TIP 2: Just Start Playing

Again, another tip that’s simple enough: just start playing! You might look at your list and think, “wow, this is too many games,” and you might be right. But, you can’t let that get the best of you. Pick a game and start playing!

Whether it’s the oldest game on your list or the one that came out last week, tackle it head-on. The less time you worry, the faster you’ll start clearing through your list.

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TIP 3: Aren’t Enjoying It? Move On.

It’s easy to think, “well, it’s on my backlog, so I have to finish it,” but if you’re not enjoying a game, it’s best to move on. Time is a resource you’ll never get back, and spending it playing something you aren’t enjoying slows your progress and deters you from clearing your backlog. Think about it like this, if you don’t like a TV show, you stop binging it, right? Have that same mentality here; this is about clearing out your backlog.

TIP 4: Cut Your List Down

Sure, your computer might be filled to the brim with all those Steam games you’ve purchased during those sweet sales. You promised yourself you’d get to those games someday; it’s why you’re in this position! 

Unfortunately for a lot of those games, spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to clear the clutter. It’s okay to admit you’ll never get to that game you bought for $.99 three years ago. Fill your list with games you can’t live without and focus on the games you want to play in the immediate future.

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TIP 5: Schedule Play Time

Besides purchasing too many games, the biggest reason our backlogs fill up is a busy schedule. You’ve got your job, family and friends, maybe you go to school as well. Life gets in the way of most hobbies, and video games are no different. Be sure to make time for yourself and play those games you promised you’d get to!

Whether it’s on the weekends after you’ve cleaned the garage or late at night when everyone gets to bed, find some time for yourself and start playing. It's also a good rule of thumb to help avoid burnout as well.

There you have it! Now go forth, clear through that backlog and play some awesome games!