HIDEit Cube | Amazon Fire TV Cube Wall Mount

Fire Cube Mount for Amazon Fire TV Cube Streaming Media Player

  • Mount your Amazon Fire TV Cube to the wall near your TV for a Clutter Free setup! The form-fitting design of our HIDEit Cube Mount secures the Fire Cube using its power cord. Our mount won’t block any microphones or IR sensors, ensuring no signal interference with your TV, cable box, sound bar, or receiver. With the HIDEit Cube Mount you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Sling and more without the hassle of messy cords!

    Is this the right mount for my Amazon device? This mount was designed for the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Other Amazon devices will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    Is there any single interference with the Fire TV Cube mounted behind the TV? Nope! Infrared, RF and Bluetooth signals will still work with the device mounted behind the TV, so you can ditch the ugly shelf! Read why it works.
    Does the mount obstruct the microphone or speaker? Nope! The minimalist design of our mount doesn't cover the microphone or speakers, ensuring optimal sound performance.