HIDEit Shield2 | NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Wall Mount

NVIDIA Wall Mount, VESA Mount, Under Desk Mount for NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Android Streamer

  • Eliminate messy cords from your NVIDIA Shield TV Pro and create the media setup you’ve always dreamed of with the HIDEit Shield2 Mount! Thanks to its sleek design, it’s easy to install and won’t block ports or cords. Whether you have the NVIDIA remote or game controller, line of sight isn’t required, so HIDE away! Our HIDEit Shield2 Mount is wall and VESA mountable, so you can mount the Shield TV Pro on the wall behind your TV or directly to the back of your TV! With so many ways to mount your NVIDIA TV, where will you HIDEit?

    For NVIDIA Shield 1st Gen Mount: HIDEit Shield

    Is this the right model for my NVIDIA Shield? This mount was designed for the 2nd Generation NVIDIA Shield TV, released in 2017 and now the 2019 Shield TV Pro. Other Shield TV models, such as the 2019 Shield TV or 2015 1st Generation Shield TV, will require a different HIDEit Mount.
    What are the screws for? The drywall anchors and screws are for wall mounting your NVIDIA Shield, while the included flat M4 and M6 screws are for VESA mounting.
    What if my TV isn't wall mounted? No problem! You can VESA mount your Shield TV Pro directly to the back of your TV, using the holes that would normally be used for the TV wall mount!
    Will this hold up in an earthquake? Of course! Our NVIDIA Shield mounts come with drywall anchors rated for 25lbs each, much more than the weight of the device! Plus, with over 10 years in the industry, we've never had a mount fall.