Become a #HIDEitRep and earn Affiliate Commissions!

Looking to rep a product that your followers actually want and need?! Do your followers have a TV, Gaming Setup or they're a Home Decor Guru? If so, they are a potential HIDEit customer! Our customers love our mounts (read our reviews); so will your audience! At HIDEit we thrive off of authenticity, so we want our #HIDEitReps to love our products as much as we do!

Am I eligible?

  • You need a PayPal Account (free to setup) we can pay you. You are paid based on your #HIDEitRep discount code and link that you share with others.
  • No meme or screenshot accounts. Your content has to be relevant to our products. Your posts need to make up at least 50% of your feed.
  • Photography quality needs to be top notch. Bright, clear photos of your setup.
  • You need to own some HIDEit Mounts. We believe that our #HIDEitReps need to use and love our products. We feel that you can't fully promote a product that you haven't used.
  • If you don't have any mounts within a few months of signing up, we will remove you from our program.

How do I get started? It's easy! If you feel you got what it takes to be a #HIDEitRep just complete the survey on this page! We will quickly review your info and if we feel that you will be a great fit as a #HIDEitRep, you'll receive an email within a week of submission with a link to setup your Affiliately Account.

How much can I earn? Our commission rate is 10%. Reps can earn commission on HIDEit Mounts branded products only. This excludes our partners' products, such as Paladone lights. This is NOT a paid sponsorship. You earn commission solely based off of how much you post about us + share your code with others.

Do I get free product for becoming a #HIDEitRep? Discounts on HIDEit branded products are determined by the number of followers on your largest influencer channel. 

Being a #HIDEitRep

  • As a HIDEit Representative, you are granted creative freedom to produce and publish relevant content. Although you can also utilize HIDEit Mount's imagery and creative assets. 
  • You will not get your commission if you do not have posts that have our mounts showing. In other words, you must own our mounts and post regularly.

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