Creating your dream desk setup can be a challenge. Keeping it clean and organized with limited space results in a cluttered space. But don't sweat it, HIDEit Mounts' newest game-changing storage solution is here! Our Keyboard Mount is here to save the day.


Keyboards and PC Gaming are on the rise!

If you're a social media user, specifically TikTok, chances are you've stumbled upon some kind of keyboard content - "#Keebtok" or "keyboard TikTok." Yep, we're talking keyboard ASMR, custom keyboard collections, mechanical keyboards, gaming keyboards, desk setups keyboards, you name it. All of which have attracted audiences from all around the world.

Now that anyone can customize keyboards to their own style, keyboard enthusiasts are collecting keyboards of all shapes, sizes, colors and even sounds. PC Gamers and those who work or study from home also opt for keyboards that fit their personality or aesthetic. 

HIDEit Key Mount can be wall mounted for Steam Deck or custom keyboard. HIDEit Keyboard Mount shown wall mounted 
HIDEit Key Mount as a desk stand for handheld consoles like Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and gaming keyboards.HIDEit Key Mount with Steam Deck

With all this in mind, HIDEit knows keyboards need a proper home where they don't add clutter to your workspace, can be kept safe and be on full display. After all, special things deserve a special home.

Most importantly, we MADEit because of YOU. Our HIDEit community has been asking us to make keyboard mounts for months! And here we are, finally.

The journey to make our HIDEit keyboard mount originally began when we tried to design a custom mount for the Steam Deck. During the process, a genius idea sparked to make it more universal to fit multiple devices! 

"It was a table discussion. It started with the Steam Deck, then customer inquiries came out about keyboard [mounts], so why not make it for both? A lot of our mounts are multi-functional, we solve multiple problems not just one." - Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO.

The HIDEit Keyboard Mount can be installed on a pegboard. HIDEit Keyboard Mount on pegboard
Display your favorite handheld consoles on the desk to elevate gaming desk setup. HIDEit Key Mount works with handheld devices

Whenever a new product is in the making, we always take into account all the different ways customers can use the mount. It's important for the mount to be as versatile as possible so we designed it to be a keyboard wall mount, keyboard stand, or keyboard pegboard to show off custom keyboards.

The process started with a cutout sample that we taped together in multiple ways. That cutout is then sent to our local steel manufacturer, where a sample is made. From there, we test and test, and tweak the design until we have the perfect result, just the way we want it, the best way. 

The HIDEit Keyboard Mount first prototypes.HIDEit Keyboard Mount initial concepts
Final prototype samples of the HIDEit Keyboard Mount.HIDEit Keyboard Mount metal prototype samples

"We always look for solutions in finding the best way to mount it. It could be so many different ways... is it attractive and functional?" - Rey Shirley CEO.

Our team considers all aspects, offering versatile mounting, hardware, and two adaptable colors— black and white— to suit various styles. Our innovative anti-slip foam pads, a debut feature, ensures the mount and your device stay securely in place while preventing scratches.


Having collaborated closely with gamers, we understand their passion for personalized devices and showcasing them. Our HIDEit Key Mount is meticulously crafted with gamers in mind, offering unparalleled versatility that caters to their unique setup needs. This gamer-centric approach amplifies the product's appeal.

The HIDEit Key Mount comes in the color black to fit various desk setup.
THE HIDEit Key Mount comes in two versatile colors, including white to match different setups.

When thinking of keyboard mounts, one of the things that come to mind is probably the racks that can be used on a pegboard. This is why the HIDEit Key features obround wall mounting holes— a HIDEit first— which allows for easier pegboard installation.

Most keyboard mounts on the market are bulky keyboard trays that connect to the desk, table, walls or even chairs. These are mainly used as an additional attachment to the setup. However, if you're aiming for a sleek style mount that provides space-saving storage versatility, the HIDEit Key Mount is your solution!

So, what makes our keyboard mount so special?

  • Store keyboards or handheld gaming devices like the Steam Deck.

  • Slim profile shows off custom keyboards, not the mount.

  • Mount on the wall, pegboard or use as a keyboard stand on a desk.

  • Single-piece mount for easy installation.

  • Made from 16-gauge steel for strength and durability.

  • Powder coat finish that protects devices from scratches.

  • Quick and easy to install. No templates and minimal tools needed.

  • Includes drywall + pegboard installation hardware. Stud mounting optional.