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THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Barco ClickShare Mounts

THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Barco ClickShare Mounts

Our Dealer’s asked and we said yes! HIDEit Barco ClickShare Mounts have quickly become meeting room favorites. Here's how these Must-Have Mounts are keeping offices and conference rooms organized for seamless presentations.


ClickShare devices are growing in popularity and quickly changing the meeting culture. Enter HIDEit Mounts - the next key player in revolutionizing meeting room setups as well.

"We've always been at the forefront for solving the common problem of 'where do I put this device'," explains Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO of HIDEit Mounts. "We knew that designing a custom ClickShare mount that gives pro installers location options was a great answer. Plus, many our Dealers reached out and asked us for one, so naturally we said yes."

The Barco ClickShare makes presentations a breeze and our design philosophy (as always) is to make installation a breeze too. More importantly, our commercial installers demanded versatility plus easy access to ports for servicing.


HIDEit CSE Barco Mount and ClickShare Button Wall Mount

But, why stop there? Our team took the idea a step further. Barco ClickShare Buttons also needed a home and could easily be stored next to the Barco player.

Well, no challenge is too big for our crew, so we happily went into action!

HIDEit Mounts CX Barco ClickShare CX-20 CX-30 Wall MountHIDEit CX Wall Mount and Button Mount

And as time went on, we knew we had to expand our Barco ClickShare lineup. After more requests, we made the Barco CX to fit the ClickShare CX-20 and CX-30 wireless presentation systems!


Keeping our Dealers' requests in mind, we made the HIDEit CSE Barco ClickShare Mount sleek by contouring the edges to fit the device - no unnecessary bulk! We also included a tab to securely hold the device in place. Then, we designed a V-shape screw hole pattern for ultimate mounting versatility.

The HIDEit CSE Barco ClickShare Button Mount was designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. The tray securely holds two USB Buttons upright. Not only is this mount the perfect accessory to the Barco CSE mount, but we manufactured it to be the most affordable ClickShare Tray on the market today!

HIDEit Barco CSE Mount with ClickShare DeviceHIDEit CSE Barco Mount with Device
HIDEit CSE ClickShare Button Mount with ButtonsHIDEit ClickShare Button Mount with Buttons

For the Barco CX, we didn’t want to complicate what we’ve done before. We kept the slim wrap design of the previous model but took into account the vents on the sides of the CX-20 and CX-30. To keep the device secure, we added a tab to hold the back of the ClickShare in place. And like our Barco CSE, the included hole pattern allows you VESA mount to the back of a display, giving you the flexibility to mount the device anywhere in your conference room!

HIDEit Mounts CX Wall MountHIDEit CX Wall Mount


The HIDEit CSE Barco ClickShare Mount is intentionally simple but packs a big punch with its mounting versatility, making it easy to install and easy to service! The ClickShare device can be mounted almost anywhere - behind a display, under a conference table, or even directly to the back of a TV. Finally, Clutter Free meetings are here to stay!

Plus, no more searching for the ClickShare Buttons. They’re now securely hidden next to the Barco presentation system or neatly organized on the wall for easy access.

  • Expertly designed + manufactured to perfectly hug the device's unique shape.
  • Integrates seamlessly with our Uni-VESA Adapter for a wall/ceiling mounted display.
  • Won't interfere with wireless signals.
  • Easy access to buttons and ports.
  • Made from heavy gauge steel for durability.
  • Hassle free installation.
  • Includes M4 + M6 VESA screws and mounting hardware.
  • Affordable storage solution for ClickShare Buttons.

HIDEit CSE COMPATIBLE WITH: Barco CSE-200, CS-100, CS-100 Huddle (205mm x 115mm x 45mm), Barco ClickShare Buttons


HIDEit Barco ClickShare and ClickShare Button Wall MountHIDEit CSE + Button Mounts Wall Mounted
HIDEit Barco ClickShare CSE and ClickShare Button Mounts VESA MountedHIDEit CSE + Button Mounts VESA Mounted
HIDEit CX Wall Mount with ButtonsHIDEit CX + Button Mounts Behind Display

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