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10 Spooky Games to Play This Halloween

HIDEit Mounts 10 Spooky Games to Play This Halloween list

The air has chilled, the leaves are falling, and the ghoulies are coming out. It’s almost time for Halloween and all the festivities that come with it. To get in the holiday spirit, stay inside and play some scary video games. Here are 10 Halloween games filled with jump scares, monsters and heart-racing moments to get you in the spooky mood.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Yes, we know Resident Evil: Village just came out this year, but take we’re going back a bit here. Resident Evil 7, released in 2017 to favorable reviews, helped revitalize the struggling franchise and is considered a fantastic return to form. Moving to a first-person perspective brought with it a claustrophobic sense of dread, and returning to a single location, reminiscent of the Spencer Mansion in the original, had fans loving every second. 

Resident Evil 7 PlayStation 4 screenshotGet up close and personal with the Bakers.

You can expect a lot of the best Resident Evil has to offer. From jump scares to terrifying enemies, Resident Evil 7 takes a strong stomach to finish but is perfect for getting in the spooky season mood.

Looking for a more immersive experience, play Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation 4 with a PSVR. Yes, the entire game is playable in virtual reality. Get up close and personal with the haunting swamplands and the devilish Baker family as you try not to have a heart attack.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn PS4 screenshot

Do you love classic horror tropes from ‘80s slasher flicks? You’ll want to check out Until Dawn.

Until Dawn revives many of the horror tropes films like Friday the 13th for the modern age like a group of teenagers, being trapped until morning and a bunch of bad decisions for people staring death in the eye. It’s a recipe for disaster… or great success!

A surprise hit in 2015 Until Dawn is the perfect game to play with your friends crowded around the TV screen in a dark room. Why? Until Dawn has all the scares you want but plays like an interactive film. You’re presented with a series of choices that you have only a few moments to decide. Each choice matters, and the ending of the game changes depending on who in the group survives. Yes, there’s an outcome where everyone survives and an outcome where nobody does. It’s all up to you. 


You’ll see something of a trend on this list, and that’s first-person horror games. Not only has the survival horror genre had a bit of a renaissance in recent years, but alongside Amnesia, Outlast helped spear the charge with the help of its first-person perspective.

Outlast screenshotJust one of the many horrors you'll see in this hospital.

You play as an investigative journalist searching through a remote psychiatric hospital that is overrun by homicidal patients. The hospital features little light, and you’re armed with nothing more than a video camera with night vision. In most survival horror games, you’re usually underpowered, but in Outlast, you can’t fight back and must hide in lockers and stay in the shadows.

Jump scares and audio cues helped Outlast provide a bone-chilling experience as you uncover inhumane experiments unfolding within the wall of this Colorado hospital. 


One of the most unique games on this list, Phasmophobia has exploded in popularity due to some of the most popular Twitch streamers, and there’s a good reason why.

Phasmophobia PC screenshotWho you gonna call...?

You and up to four friends play as you hunt down and identify a ghost hidden somewhere. You’ll use equipment such as a UV flashlight and camera to find these ghoulies. Chat with friends to strategize, but look out because these ghosts can understand you.

But hunting ghosts isn’t an easy job. Each player has a sanity meter that, once depleted, will cause the ghost to hunt you down in a heart-racing fashion. Phasmophobia is a great way to spend a spooky evening, especially with friends.

Dead Space

Initially released in 2008, Dead Space is set for a revival in the near future on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but now is the perfect time to catch up and play the original classic.

Taking clear inspirations from the Alien films, Dead Space features some of the best survival horror by a game not named Resident Evil. In the year 2508, you play as Isaac Clark, an engineer boarding the USG Ishimura, responding to a distress call. Once you dock, you discover everyone on board died. Worst of all, you find many have become Nechromorphs, a bunch of twisted, ghoulish and decomposing alien-like creatures.

Survival is the name of the game, but between the haunting halls of the Ishimura, the nightmare-fuel terror known as Necromorphs and minimal supplies make it easier said than done.


Let’s get this out of the way; Bioshock isn’t scary in a traditional sense. Yes, there are scary moments, but it’s more about the atmosphere, specifically during the opening moments of Bioshock. 

But venturing through Rapture and discovering the themes of this classic title will send shivers down your spine. Environmental storying telling detail Rapture’s fall from grace and drug-fueled enemies haunt the halls of the dystopian underwater city. You might think you have it all figured out until you run into your first Big Daddy, a gargantuan foe walking around in a modified diver’s suit with a drill. One false move and it’s game over when a Big Daddy is breathing down your neck.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is another game that isn’t ‘scary’ in the traditional sense. It’s not about jump scares, supernatural beings or overpowered stalkers chasing after you. Where it gets its scares from is its atmosphere and realistic portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world. 

The Last of Us PlayStation 4 screenshot
The outbreak isn't the only thing to worry about in The Last of Us.

You play as Joel, who’s become a man for hire 20 years after Outbreak Day, the day when a (fictional) mutated strain of the (real-life) Cordyceps fungus rampages through society. Tasked with delivering a young girl named Ellie across the country, they two struggle with surviving against the infected, other survivors and each other. 

Another game with fantastic environmental storytelling, you’ll come across blood-splattered buildings, graffiti-tagged walls telling potential trespassers to leave, all while trying to keep calm when a Clicker is patrolling down the way. Alert one and a dozen more come, and if they catch you, you’ll witness a gruesome death scene that’ll haunt you well into the evening.

The Last of Us is considered one of the greatest games of all time, winning multiple Game of the Year awards, praised for its direction, graphics, writing and acting between the two main characters. Again, not a traditional scary game, but when you consider all things happening in real life, it’s scary to think how The Last of Us might be possible.

Dying Light

Dying Light screenshot
The hunter becomes the hunted at night.

When Dying Light launched in early 2015, it quickly went on to be a surprise hit. 

For starters, Dying Light features parkour as your main form of travel through a fictional Middle-east town. The bright sunshine and deep browns are unlike many games or films within the genre.

Juxtaposed with the fast-paced movement is the clumsy, shambling undead. Pretty standard affair if you’re familiar with zombies, but Dying Light ups the ante when the sun goes down. Instead of overpowering and out-maneuvering zombies, the walking dead become over-powered and agitated. You’re no longer the hunter but the hunted. A perfect risk/reward play pairs with these tense, nightmare-filled moments that’s perfect for the scary season.


We’re cheating here for a couple of reasons. The first, P.T. isn’t a game but a demo that launched in 2014. Secondly, unless you have a PS4 with this demo saved on it (or some form of a backup), it’s impossible to play P.T. since publisher Konami took it down after an unceremonious split from the game’s director, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima.

PT screenshot on PS4
Maybe it's okay we didn't get the final game...

However, P.T. left its mark on the industry, and we’re always looking for a way to talk about P.T. You play as a nameless protagonist walking through a decrepit, haunting and looping hallway. During your time in the loop, you learn about a set of horrifying events, a crying baby and a terrifying ghost named Lisa, who will attack you and randomly trigger a jump scare that will take you out of your seat.

P.T. is one of the most creative and horrifying experiences in gaming, and it led to an even greater reveal. If you make your way out of the house, P.T. (which stands for Playable Teaser) was actually Silent Hills, a new entry in the long-running horror franchise. Directed by Kojima with some sort of involvement from famed director Guillermo del Torro (The Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth) and starring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead).

If you get a chance to experience P.T., we’d recommend playing without looking up any hints. You’ll get to experience the fear-inducing puzzles the way that was originally intended. What’s scarier than the demo is the fact we’ll never get to experience this game.

Alien: Isolation

In space, no one can hear you scream, but in your house, everyone will hear you scream as you play Alien: Isolation. Set 15 years after the original film, you play as Amanda Ripely, daughter of the famed series protagonist, as she investigates her mother’s disappearance.

Modeled after the first film, Alien: Isolation is the perfect game to play with the lights turned off. A slow burn, Alien packs a terrifying punch as you trek through tight corridors and try your best to avoid the titular monster as it hunts you down, looking for its next meal. You’ll have access to familiar Alien tools, but one wrong move is all it takes to meet your demise. Try your best not to scream…

There you have it, 10 spooky games to play this Halloween. Whether you’re looking for traditional jump scares, a creepy atmosphere or something to play with friends, you’ll have a scare-filled time with every one of these games, which is the perfect opportunity to get into the scary season.

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